37lbs. – 22″ tall

Ziyana is out of lines I’ve had in my kennel for over a decade. She is part of the 2nd litter I kept between Coco and Crumpet.  I had kept a litter over 5 years ago and had great success with these puppies so before Coco was retired, I had one last litter to keep these amazing lines around a bit longer. These lines have proven litter after litter, to be healthy, well tempered and have made lovely family dogs!

When I think of names for my dogs, I love there to be meaning behind them. I watch the puppies very carefully as they play and interact within their litter and try to pick a name that suit their character. When Coco was pregnant with this litter, I was hoping for a litter of one male and all the rest females. To my surprise that was exactly what she had! Needless to say, I was ecstatic as this was her last litter and she gave me the most beautiful puppies. She had the perfect combination of genders to be able to carry these lines on for the next 5-6 years! The name Ziyana means Radiant and Blessing from Heaven. This is exactly what she is! We where so blessed to have this perfect litter in everyway from gender to temperament to markings. Ziyana was the most unique one of the litter. She is a chocolate phantom which was a pleasant surprise as neither parent was chocolate. Ziyana brightens a room when she walks in. She is a healthy and happy dog with a very radiant personality. It’s funny to watch her puppy like manners when she plays with the other dogs.  She has a very positive and playful personality, getting alone with everyone. She has a mesmerizing energy that draws people in because of that, she is an absolute joy to be around. She has a very uplifting energy. Everyone loves taking her for walks as she bounds through the tall grass or chases a ball, but she never goes to far without checking in, looking for pets or giving us kisses. She is a very special girl with just the right amount of energy! She loves her walks but loves her down time. She will snuggle on her bed with her friends with her legs sprawled in the air. She is a very easy going dog to be around with a relaxing personality.

All in all she is a really amazing dog and I can’t wait to share her puppies with the SwissRidge family!


Vai lbs. – ” tall

Info coming soon!

Amore lbs. – ” tall

Info coming soon!


38.5lbs. – 21″tall


Leida is a 3rd generation poodle born at SwissRidge! She is a standard poodle out of Sedona and Grommet. I also own Leida’s grandparents Coco and Crumpet and I also own many of Leida’s uncles and aunts. I kept four puppies out of Leida’s litter – Freya, Petunia, Tallulah and Leida. All of Leida’s sisters, aunts and uncles, parents and grandparents have passed vigorous health testing. These tests can be viewed on all their individual pages on my website.  

Leida is the kind of girl that is happy all the time, regardless of the situation. Her stumpy tail is always wagging and she always has this happy smile on her face with a sparkle in her eye. Anyone that meets her knows that their is something very special about this girl! She is a total love bug!!! She is up for any adventure big or small and is happy to just be with you. She has a lot of similar personality traits to Freya and Petunia but there are some differences. She is more sensitive, a tad reserved in certain situation and a people pleaser!  In the summer time the kennel staff take Leida swimming in the pool, she is a very good swimmer but doesn’t really enjoy herself in the moment. The confidence is not their yet. I know with more practice this will come. As soon as she gets out of the pool she is smiling, tail wagging and ready to try again, if you asked her to. She loves to please and for her people to be happy with her, even if it means swimming in the pool, which she is unsure about. Leida’s best friend is Luna a standard Goldendoodle. They are attached at the hip. You don’t have Luna without Leida. Luna is confident and brave and brings out the best in Leida who can sometimes be more reserved. Leida is Luna’s little side kick and can often be found copying and doing whatever Luna is doing. Luna and Leida love to play rough together and then come inside and cuddle. There isn’t a mean bone in this girl’s body and she gets along with all dogs and people she meets. Leida recently had her first litter of puppies and was an amazing mom. She kept her puppies well fed, clean and was very loving and protective over them. 


65lbs. – 22″tall

Gracie came to me from a breeder in the US. I have purchased a few Poodles from her, and I’ve always been happy with the temperaments and health of these Poodles. The thing I love most about the Poodles I get from this breeder is that they have very calm personalities. This can sometimes be hard to find in the Poodle breed as they are outgoing and goofy dogs by nature.

Gracie is not your typical outgoing and high-strung poodle. She has spent most of her life with Bernese and Retrievers. Her personality is very much due to genetics but I’m sure some of these Bernese/Retriever traits have rubbed off on her over the years. I almost feel bad letting her play with the other Poodles. They love her to death but are non-stop play and she just wants to relax. She is the happiest being the odd ball in the group of Bernese and Retrievers!

She is a sweet, calm, elegant and pretty girl! She is also a dog that is well respected by all the other dogs in the kennel. She is everyone’s best friend and I think that is because of her caring and respectful nature. She doesn’t bug the other dogs and has a gentleness about her that all the dogs gravitate towards and want to be around. This sweet nature doesn’t just present itself towards other dogs but people as well. Everyone that meets Gracie instantly falls in love.
She loves giving affection but is not pushy for affection. She will happily receive it but if it is not given, she will relax by our feet. She loves just being around people but is not a dog that constantly asks for affection and to be pet.
She is a very dainty and pretty girl. She loves her spa days. She loves her baths, blow dry’s and having her nails done. The one thing that is incredibly unique about her is she loves to stay clean. This is not usually in a dog’s nature. She doesn’t like to get her paws dirty and if it’s raining, she would prefer to stay inside. At the kennel we call her our little princess.

Gracie has produced a litter in the past and everyone has been extremely happy with these puppies. She is a great mom who is very caring towards her babies. A lot of Gracie’s traits we have seen shine through in her puppies from the feedback we have received from owners.

44 lbs. – 21″ tall


Luna is an English Goldendoodle who was bred and raised at SwissRidge!
Her mother is Winter and her father is Hendrix.
Winter and Hendrix have been bred together numerous times as they are known for producing amazing puppies. Many of their pups are used in our “dogs for kids” charity program. We have trained 3 of their pups (Rosie, Asha and Polo) for service dogs. I recommend many of their pups to families who are in need of a service dog for their children and all of these pups have succeeded in this field of work.
Winter was imported from Germany and Hendrix came from the US. These two dogs are always paired together because they are known for producing healthy pups with amazing personalities.

The thing you might notice about Luna is she is small. Most of her bothers and sisters are between 65-90lbs but she was the small one of the litter and she has stayed that way all the way into adulthood.

Luna is a sweet girl! She loves one on one time with her people. She enjoys ear scratches and belly rubs. She is good with other dogs. Her best friend is Leida, they are attached at the hip most of the time. They went though training together and are now roommates at the kennel. Luna is Leida’s big sister (not by blood). Leida follows her lead!

Luna loves pack walks, she always stay’s close. She loves playing in the yard with her friends and we are getting her used to the pool. Luna has a typical goldendoodle personality. She is fun, loving and sweet with a moderate activity level, not to calm and not to hyper. In some situations she can be sensitive. I do notice that she is one of my few dogs with more of a protective nature. She is the type of dog that will bark at the door. If a stranger or intruder tried to get in while no one was home they might have a hard time. She is more protective over her pups and loves them to the moon and back. She is an amazing mom and a very loving and sweet girl.



Nevaeh 105 lbs. – 24″ tall

Nevaeh came with her sister Isla from an amazing breeder in the US who has many dogs imported directly from Europe and who also has some of my old lines in her kennel. I’m extremely happy to get some of my older lines, mixed with some amazing European gems, back into my kennel through Nevaeh!
Nevaeh’s mom is actually from my old lines. Nevaeh’s mom’s grandparents are Dominique and Nellar and her great grandparents are Daiko and Veruschka.  These are all dogs owned by either myself and my mother. Nevaeh is the 5th generation of these lines! Nevaeh’s pedigree is full of stunning, European Bernese from health tested lines!

Nevaeh grew up with one of our imprint trainers and family and it didn’t take long for them to fall completely in love with her. This is what they say about her:
She is a goofy, playful, loving, happy, and smart girl. Whenever we had puppies in the house, she would lay beside their crates and was so interested in them when they were playing. She would just lay there watching them and “talking” to them. She crouched right down to their level. It was amazing to watch. I know she is going to be such a great, loving mom.

She loves to be around people. She loved to greet us, not realizing her size. At full tilt, she would run and try to leap on top of us sitting in the chair. She could knock you over if you weren’t expecting her, lol. Then she would try to fit on our laps wanting her ears rubbed. She never jumped up on furniture any other time of the day. She just REALLY wanted to say hello. We would be on the ground with her and she would try to sit on our laps. She was always so gentle with our kids, never nipping them.

Nevaeh is very smart. She would pick up on commands very quickly and seemed proud. She always had a smile on her face.

She loved being outside! She loves going for walks and camping. She just loves being with her people and being one of her pack. There is just something special about her. She has a beautiful personality and when she retires as a SwissRidge breeding dog we are going to welcome her into our home!



94lbs. – 25″ tall

Isla came with her sister Nevaeh from an amazing breeder in the US who has many dogs imported directly from Europe and who also has some of my old lines in her kennel. I’m extremely happy to get some of my older lines, mixed with some amazing European gems, back into my kennel through Isla!
Islas mom is actually from my old lines. Isla’s mom’s grandparents where Dominique and Nellar and her great grandparents where Daiko and Veruschka.  These are all dogs owned by either myself and my mother. Isla is the 5th generation of these lines! Isla’s pedigree is full of stunning, European Bernese from health tested lines!

Isla is the life of the party. She is outgoing, fun and playful but is also very sweet, loving and affectionate. A perfect well-rounded dog in personality to go along with her stunning appearance.  Isla is an outgoing, confident and energetic girl, she loves to play in the yard with the toys and wrestle with her friends. She is usually one of the first dogs to run into the yard too she’ll get best pick of all the toys. She loves to play and often plays with her friends in her kennel after they have already come in from their play time. When play time is over, Isla is the last dog to leave the yard. If she could stay outside and play with every play group, she would be more than happy to. So is a social dog and wants to play and interact with everyone and every dog! Even on the coldest of days Isla prefers to stay outside and sleep in her run rather than coming inside. She can be stubborn in this way. On pack walks through the trials Isla is usually at the front of the pack leading the way but always makes sure to turn around and make sure everyone is still tagging along. Isla is your typical Bernese mountain dog, stubborn but extremely affectionate and goofy. She loves to make us laugh. Isla loves to sit on your foot or lay on your lap and lean into you for love. When you stop petting her she doesn’t hesitate to give you her big paw in exchange for more love. Isla has had a few litters now and has proven herself to be an amazing mother. Her puppies have been so sweet and every owner has fallen head over heals for the amazing pups she produces!


100lbs. – 23″ tall

Ginger is a big softy. She lets all the other dog’s boss her around and wouldn’t stick up for herself if her life depended on it. She is as quite as a church mouse and in the years she has been at SwissRidge she has never let out a bark. She gets along with all the other dogs in the kennel. She is the type of dog that doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She has a very gentle, loving, relaxed and motherly personality. She is an amazing mother to her puppies. She cares about them to the ends of the earth. She always makes sure they are accounted for, she separates them into different piles and rotates each pile to nurse.
When the puppies are older they sometimes take advantage of her gentle nature because she has a hard time disciplining them and telling them no.

Ginger is a one person dog. She loves her owners but with new people it will take her sometime to warm up to them. She is not a dog that will go home with any stranger. It can take time to gain her trust but once you have earned her love and trust she will be your best friend.

One funny thing about Ginger is she has one piece of hair that stands up on the top of her head. No matter what we do we can’t get rid of it. Her nick name at the kennel is Alfalfa.

Ginger has had a few litters in the past and her puppies are typically fun, playful, affectionate, and social puppies.



95lbs. – 24.5″ tall


Everyone gets confused on how to say Greenwich’s name so we will start with that. It’s pronounced “gren-itch” not “green- which”, lol. Greenwich was named after the town Greenwich in Connecticut. Many SwissRidge dogs live in Greenwich with so many of my amazing clients. I thought it would be a great tribute to name one of my pups after their town!

Greenwich can be described as a free spirit. She does what she wants, when she wants. She is an active, outgoing, and playful dog. She loves to run, play, and socialize with the other dogs. She loves playing with all the other dogs. She will roughhouse with them for about 20 minuets before she gets tired and relaxes under a tree.

She loves going for walks and is great off leash. She will run ahead for a bit and then run back to check-in. She will run up to any human, sit on their foot and lean into them for pets. She is the life of the party. She is as happy as can be everyday, all day and even at 4am in the morning. Her tail is always wagging, and she always wants someone to pet her or pay attention to her.

In the yard she can often be found laying down under the trees enjoying the breeze or laying down enjoying the snow, she loves being outside and often tries to hide outside in her run or behind the trees so she doesn’t have to come inside. She is fun and outgoing and loves to be out in the yard or on a pack walk with her friends. She is a very loving and gentle mother who enjoys spending time with her puppies, even when offered some alone time she prefers to stay with her pups. Greenwich has your typical Bernese mountain dog traits, she loves to sit on your foot and get a good massage, when you stop petting her she doesn’t hesitate to give you her paw very gently to remind you to keep going.  In Greenwich’s retirement, I can definitely see her living in a family with children of any age or being an amazing therapy dog. She loves all people and dogs unconditionally and she has an amazing spirit!

The best words to describe Greenwich are fun, active, and social.







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