Welcome to SwissRidge Kennels, home of the renowned tri-colored Bernedoodle!

No matter which doodle you desire, chances are we have the ideal dog for your family. When you make the decision to purchase a dog from SwissRidge, you’re not only welcoming home a sweet puppy, but you’re also bringing home a wealth of information and support from a breeder who loves your dog as much as you do. Explore our site to discover for yourself what makes our dogs and our kennel so unique!

SwissRidge is nestled on 52 beautiful acres in Schomberg, Ontario. Only 30 minutes from Toronto, our property boasts 5 kilometers of winding trails and a 6,500 square foot state-of-the-art breeding facility.

Our spacious reception area greets you with amazing woodwork, a waterfall, and a grand wood and stone fireplace. The entire kennel is tiled, making it very easy to clean. There are glass doors on all the dog runs, which lead to beautiful and spacious indoor and outdoor runs. We have 10,000 square feet of canine grass so the dogs never get dirty, and a roomy 700 square foot indoor play and training room.

There are five distinct zones in the kennel. Our advanced ventilation system has five furnaces and five air conditioners and gives the dogs a constant flow of fresh outdoor air. Since none of the air mixes within the different zones, if one dog is sick, the chance of the illness being passed along is reduced.

We have designed two nurseries within the kennel: neonatal (newborn to four weeks) and toddler (four to eight weeks), each planned with specific purposes in mind. Once the females have given birth, their needs are quite particular. They require a quiet, comfortable, warm environment with heated floors and whelping boxes. When the puppies get a little older and begin to walk, they need a much bigger area with their own litter box, play area, and feeding area.

There are oxygen chambers to assist during the whelping process if any puppies are struggling when they are born, a quarantine room if any dog is not feeling well, and a state-of-the-art grooming space so our groomer can keep all the dogs looking clean and trim. We have a full security system with over 35 cameras and a monitored fire alarm system to keep all our canine friends safe and secure.

We have a team of staff dedicated to caring for our furry friends 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of our puppies get one-on-one handling throughout the day, and all the love and support possible.

We pride ourselves on the socialization, cleanliness, and dedication that we provide to our puppies. Our kennel is really unlike any other. At SwissRidge, your puppy receives the best possible care during their first eight weeks of life. All of our dogs are treated to a life of luxury and raised with the best care and respect imaginable.

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