Testimonials – Australian Bernedoodles

Sherman (Parents: Harmony x Levi)
Owners: The Woods
Seattle, WA

Sherman1-large“Dear Sherry, I just wanted to show you a few photos of our darling Sherman with Piper and Hayden. I can hear Piper right now in her room singing and playing with him like he’s another brother.

I also wanted to say thank you again for all your kindness and getting us another puppy after losing our dear Ollie. I can tell you Sherman is just such a joy. Look at that face! We absolutely love him. You picked us the best dog. We could not be happier with our little bundle of fur. He is mellow, fun, happy, friendly.

Piper has taken to being his trainer and we are working on all kinds of commands. Sit, Stay, Come, Drop. He’s getting better at all of them. As you can see he loves to lay in the bushes and stay cool. He also loves to go in the lake. Only up to his knees, but he seems to like it. Sherman is the perfect combination of playful and mellow for our family. The vet thinks he’s just great and loves his temperament. He’s 4 months and 24 lbs. He’s growing so fast. Thank you so much. We just love him.” ~Andrea, Angus, Hayden and Piper Wood

Clementine (Parents: Carrie x Levi)
Owners: The Meachams
Poway, CA

Clementine3-large“Hi Sherry – We purchased one of your medium Australian Bernedoodles. Clementine was born on July 4, 2014. We can’t tell you how much we love this little girl. She has become such a part of our family. She is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen. Our daughter is a professional photographer and took these pictures. We have plenty more where these came from :-D).

And more than her beauty, her personality is ridiculously incredible. She is still a pup and gets into trouble now and then. But it is so hard to scold her cause she is so stinkin’ cute. She’s just barely over 8 months and weighs about 36 pounds. She loves to play. She loves everyone she meets. And she loves to just hang out with us. We just took her on a 12 day trip to our daughter’s family in Colorado. She was in the car with the 2 of us and our two 10 year old twin granddaughters for two straight 10 hour days on the way there and 2 more full days on the way back and could not have been more perfect. She slept most of the time and when she wasn’t sleeping she would just lay there. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t spunky – she is. She just seems to know when to be spunky and when to be mellow.

We could not be happier. We waited 11 months for her and paid an arm and a leg for her, but we would do it again a thousand times over to get her. Thank you so much for breeding your dogs. It’s a labor of love I am sure, but we get to reap the rewards. We love our little Clementine. Let us know if you would like any more pictures.” ~Chris and Lesley Meacham

Kota (Parents: Nel x Levi)
Owners: The Kossoffs
Los Angeles, CA

“Sherry, we just want to thank you for bringing Kota into our lives. The wait was so worth it. You have given us the most incredible animal – smart, loving, healthy with the best personality anyone could wish for! She truly is an incredible dog. She is bringing so much joy and love to our family and after only 7 months with us, we are starting to question whether Kota needs a SwissRidge sibling!

My husband, who did NOT want a dog, is crazy in love with her!

I loved coming out to meet you and see your wonderful facility. Straight away I knew that a lady as lovely as this could only breed amazing dogs!

Thank you, Sherry – you truly have changed our lives and we are so proud to be part of this amazing SwissRidge family!” ~Chareen Kossoff

Staley (Parents: Harmony x Levi)
Owners: Jon and Cat
Boston, MA

“With Sherry’s reputation for breeding amazing dogs, we had pretty high expectations for our puppy. Now that we’ve had Staley for nearly 3 months, I can honestly say that he is everything we hoped he would be. He is gentle, quick to learn, and loves to play. We live in the city, and so it was important to us that he be well adjusted to meeting new people and new dogs. He is a cautious pup, but always friendly. And he absolutely LOVES other dogs, regardless of age/size/gender. We are very happy and thank you!” ~Jon + Cat


Beau (Parents: Pandora x Levi)
Owners: The Gabellieris
Narragansett, RI

beau-pictures-with-denise-gabellieri“I clearly remember the day I received the email from Sherry informing me that I would have the opportunity to become a SwissRidge Doodle Family member. I had just made the hard decision to send my 16-year-old Miniature Poodle over the rainbow bridge. I shrieked when I saw ‘From: SwissRidge’ in my email. It was meant to be, this puppy, from Pandora x Levis litter of 1/7/16, was going to be mine. Perfect timing I thought!

Beau delights us every single day with his silly antics and clever shenanigans. He breezed through Puppy Kindergarten, Focused Puppy and passed the AKC STAR Puppy Programs with flying colors! The instructor suggested he would be a great candidate to become a service/therapy dog.

beau-pictures-with-denise-gabellieri-4His temperament is every dog owner’s dream. He is gentle with everyone he meets and is patient and kind to every child, especially my one- and two-year-old grandchildren. He hasn’t met a dog he doesn’t LOVE!!!

I have owned many different breeds throughout my life, from Great Danes to the tiniest Maltese, and have to say I have never, ever had a dog as wonderful as him! He is my dream dog and I ask myself all the time, ‘Beau, where have you been all my life???’” ~Denise Gabellieri

Coco (Parents: Sheena x Levi)
Owners: The Whiteheads
Oakville, ON

coco-australian-bernedoodle-tammy-whitehead2“Coco is our dream come true dog. She is smart, calm, relaxed and very loving. She was so easy to train and we are constantly complimented on her calm demeanor and excellent manners. We have many SwissRidge friends in the area and meet up frequently for mini romps. Coco loves every dog she meets and is especially well loved on the school bus and at my kids’ school. She’s great to take on a hike or to chill out and watch a movie…she just goes with the flow. We have been so happy with Coco and our experience with Sherry. I can’t recommend SwissRidge enough!” ~Tammy Whitehead

Tammy also owns an Australian Goldendoodle, named Crumble, from SwissRidge.

Elliot (Parents: Sheena x Levi)
Owners: The Collards
Amherst, NY

elliot-australian-bernedoodle-mark-collard “I wanted to reach out and send you a picture of our precious Elliot! I can’t tell you enough what he has already (in such a short time) meant to our family! We are all absolutely in love with him! Our youngest child, Zach, and Elliot are best friends! The whole experience has been unreal! We can’t thank you enough! You and your staff are truly experts at what you do…and we will be clients for life! Attached is a picture of Elliot…he is doing amazing!  He is house trained and no more crate! We had an amazing summer – long walks, a month at the beach (in Canada), etc.  He sleeps in Grace’s room!” ~Mark Collard

Finley (Parents: Prada x Levi)
Owner: Amber Corley
Cary, NC

finely-amber-corley-australian-bernedoodle-3“Finley is the sweetest and cuddliest puppy! She loves everyone she meets, person or pet, and never fails to bring a smile to people’s faces. Finley is very eager to please and her sweet eyes follow you everywhere you go. She is so playful and constantly happy, and my goodness is she smart! She picks up on tricks so quickly and really understands them. One time, I had her watch another dog perform ‘shake’…and that is all it took! She has this trick down pat (along with so many more!) and loves to show it off. I have people over all the time and I also take her around town with me. Each time someone meets her they comment on how well behaved and how gorgeous she is. It is very hard to pass by a SwissRidge Doodle without commenting on their temperament and looks. They are absolutely stunning and Finley is no exception. As you can probably tell, I am completely smitten!

finely-amber-corley-australian-bernedoodleI can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the SwissRidge family is! From day one, they answered every question that I had, and I promise you, I had hundreds! They truly understand that these puppies become our dearest family members, and they treat you with the utmost care and compassion as you eagerly await your precious pup. Believe me when I say that when you begin your journey with SwissRidge, you will receive so much more than you ever imagined. Sherry personally saw to the matching process for me and Finley, and I couldn’t be happier with my sweet girl. Every interaction I had with SwissRidge made me that much more excited to bring Finley home. This level of care and dedication does not stop once you receive your puppy – Sherry is still there for you every step of the way as you begin to make a home and a lifetime of memories with your doodle!

finely-amber-corley-australian-bernedoodle-2I hope after researching this site, hearing raving reviews from owners like me, and taking time to understand the breed, that you will also begin to embark on the incredible journey of making a SwissRidge Bernedoodle your very own! Whether it’s a coffee run up the street, a play date in the park, a quiet girl’s night in, or a night of College football with family and friends  this girl is the perfect companion.” ~Amber Corley

Harlow (Parents: Blossom x Levi)
Owners: The Jenningses
Whitby, ON

“Harlow is without a doubt the sweetest and most gentle puppy we have ever had the pleasure of raising. She is always first at the door when someone comes home and will greet you for an hour if you let her. She loves nothing more than laying at your feet or cuddling beside us on the couch. She absolutely adores her half brother Lefty (Australian Bernedoodle from SwissRidge) and they spend most of their days chasing and wrestling each other. When they aren’t doing that you will find them curled up in a ball together. She is a social butterfly at the dog park. She makes sure to spend as much time playing with the other dogs as she does soaking up the attention of their owners. She gets very excited when meeting new people. She loves walks and since day one with us has been very good on the leash. She is cautious around water but will wade in the water when she is feeling brave. She quickly picked up on all Lefty’s ‘tricks for treats’ and surpassed him on a couple. She is a joy to be around!” ~Paul Jennings

Hudson (Parents: Sheena x Levi)
Owner: Carol Fleisig
New York, NY

“Hudson is outstanding. I have had other breeds, and while they all were very special, in their own way, none hold a candle to our mini Australian Bernedoodle. He is the most gorgeous tri-color, and weighs 43 lbs. at a year old. He is so happy and joyful, smart, comical, loving, loyal, inquisitive, clever and eager to please. He loves adults, children, dogs and cats. While he can play rough, at home, he is always gentle with anyone he meets for the first time, especially children. Because he is so intelligent, a bit of training would not hurt. He knows when he does something wrong, but tries to get away with it, over and over again; whether it’s chewing the mouldings, or stealing underwear and socks from the laundry basket. He is very sneaky, which makes me laugh. I wake up every day, happy to see his face. You can’t help but smile. I thank SwissRidge every day for bringing him into my life.

Sherry, you are an amazing, responsible breeder. It is not a business, as much as a calling for you – to bring joy to so many families. I am so lucky to have found you and SwissRidge. Hudson has brought so much happiness and love into my life. I could not have asked for more.” ~Carol Fleisig

Trek (Parents: Harmony x Levi)
Owner: Laurie Young
Elgin, SC

trek-laurie-young-australian-bernedoodle-2-copytrek-laurie-young-australian-bernedoodle-3“Trek is an amazing best friend. I love his ‘happy-go-lucky’ personality. He has the sweetest demeanor and loves to cuddle. Trek likes to go swimming, hiking and play fetch, but is perfectly happy sitting next to us on the sofa. He has always been eager to please and always wants us to be happy with him. Trek actually knows how to make my husband and I laugh. If we are grumpy and just not in the best of mood, he will bring us one of his squeaky toys. If we ignore him, he starts squeaking it but does it in such a way it sounds like he is scolding us. Never fails to make us laugh and change our mood.

He is just an all-around perfect dog and has brought so much joy and laughter to our home. I couldn’t have asked for a better Buddy. He loves every person he meets and every critter he encounters. Trek is a true testament to a wonderful breeding program.

trek-laurie-young-australian-bernedoodle-7He loves to run around the yard with his big brother and then come in the house for a snuggle. I am always amazed at how well he listens to commands for being such a young pup. I am constantly impressed with SwissRidge Kennels and the pups that come from there.

Trek is our 2nd pup from SwissRidge, my husband and I also have a Standard Bernedoodle that came from SwissRidge 4 1/2 years ago, that we are over the moon in love with. These two pups brighten every day for us, and it’s so nice to have both of them love and enjoy each other the way that they do.” ~Laurie Young

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