Advanced Technology

After decades of dreaming and years of planning, designing, and building, our state-of-the-art SwissRidge facility is complete. Innovative features have been incorporated into every aspect of the kennel – both indoors and outdoors. No detail was overlooked and no expense was spared to ensure that health and safety are second to none.

Ventilation System

Cleanliness is very important to help minimize the dirt, dust, and smell of a kennel. In addition to our full-time cleaning service, we’ve installed an advanced ventilation system to help sanitize the air. Air quality is vital to the health of the animals and the staff, and so the kennel has been divided into five distinct zones. None of the air mixes within the different zones, preventing any cross-contamination of viruses (such as kennel cough) that may affect the dogs. This system continuously recycles stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air so that clean, filtered air is being provided to our dogs and staff. This also helps eliminate odors, dilutes indoor pollutants, and lowers the indoor humidity.

Security System

We have over 35 Wi-Fi security cameras set up throughout the kennel. They are strategically placed so we can maintain a watchful eye on expectant mothers, newborn puppies, dogs throughout the kennel and outdoor play area’s. There is always someone on call when there are expectant mothers in the facility, but the cameras allow us to keep a watchful eye in case a dog goes into labour.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide System

For the safety of the dogs, we have implemented an advanced fire and carbon monoxide detection unit. It is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a central monitoring station.

Sound System

The kennel is fitted with an amazing sound system that has designated zones. This allows us to play different music in various locations within the kennel. Older dogs can listen to soft, easy-listening music and newborns can listen to classical music. For the older puppies, we play nature music as well as a variety of sound stimuli like street and household sounds. This provides a stimulating environment for the puppies and a relaxing atmosphere for the older dogs.


Tiles encompass the entire kennel, including some walls. This makes cleaning and sanitizing much easier and more efficient. This is another way to keep our dogs and puppies clean, healthy, and always looking in tip-top shape!

Flushing Drainage

Every drain at SwissRidge has been established with flush technology. The drains automatically rinse and flush throughout the day to keep the kennel free of odor and sewer gasses.

Oxygen Chambers

If a puppy experiences any difficulty breathing when they’re born, we have two oxygen chambers available. Most of our staff are trained in CPR, so the oxygen chambers provide us with added peace of mind and the tools necessary to help every puppy get a great start in life. Having oxygen on hand is the fastest and most reliable way to resuscitate a puppy that may be in trouble.

Quarantine Room

SwissRidge has been designed with a quarantine room that is fully equipped with its own ventilation system, wash station, outdoor play yard, and oxygen chamber. The quarantine room has one large run and three small cages. We take the health of our dogs very seriously, and this addition ensures that we are placing the health and well-being of all dogs above all else.

Heated Flooring

Maintaining a warm environment is crucial to a puppy’s health and happiness. We have installed heated flooring with adjustable temperature controls in all our neonatal whelping pens. These warm floors help the puppies regulate their body temperature until they are able to do it for themselves at around three weeks of age.

Glass Doors

Another feature we’ve added to our kennel is the addition of glass doors on all the indoor dog runs. Wire doors can create a stressful environment, so we’ve opted for durable, scratch-resistant glass. Each dog run is also fitted with comfortable, indestructible bedding, and custom-designed food and water dishes that attach to the glass door. These additions help keep the dog’s environment clean, safe, and comfortable.

Artificial Turf

Although it’s fun watching dogs romp in the dirt, dig holes, and roll in mud, the cleanup afterwards is far from it! We’ve installed four play yards, totalling 10,000 square feet, of artificial turf specifically designed for dogs. It is durable enough to withstand digging, running, and romping, and keeps the dogs clean.

Irrigation System

We’ve installed an irrigation system that keeps the artificial turf fresh and free from bacteria, viruses, and odors.


All our play yards are made of six-gauge chain-link fence, which is the most durable available. The fences are nine feet tall and buried one foot into the ground. This protects the dogs from predators, and prevents them from trying to dig their way into a new adventure.

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