Testimonials – Standard Goldendoodles

Juneau (Parents: Ginger x Baron)
Owners: Susan and Yvette
Maine, USA

juneau-standard-goldendoodle-yvette-and-susan3“Yvette and I speak of you often and frequently say we should write and send along pictures of Juneau. Now that she is ten (born in 2006), we must be in touch. Can you believe she is ten, and that your business is so old?! Yes, we like to tell people we, along with you, are trendsetters. Of course, most of the credit should go to Juneau herself (and your other dogs). I remember so well when she was a puppy and people would approach us because she was so cute and they wanted to know what kind of dog she was. No one had heard of a Doodle of any kind!  We also like to think that we are responsible for many SwissRidge dogs in the area. I can’t tell you how many people were won over by her and asked us where we got her. She is indeed pretty amazing.

juneau-standard-goldendoodle-yvette-and-susanJuneau is actually my first dog. Yvette grew up with dogs and has a special relationship with animals. I grew up in Manhattan with a few goldfish. It became clear that Yvette and I were either going to get a dog, or I had to go. Thanks to Yvette and you, Juneau came into my life – and changed it. I am madly in love with this dog. I am sure everyone says this about their own dog, but she is one of a kind. First of all, she is insanely adorable. I mean…she is beautiful.  But her personality is incredible. She is sweet, affectionate, intuitive, and smart. And, she is remarkably calm and gentle. She brings everyone so much joy.

You told us ten years ago that you search for the right dogs to breed, ones that are both beautiful and have the right dispositions. You clearly are exceptional at what you do. So, ten years later, we want again to say thank you.” ~Susan and Yvette (Written in 2014, last updated in 2016)

Bernadette (Parents: Berlin x Hendrix)
Owner: Susan Mendenhall
Burleson, TX

Bernadette is an English goldendoodle. She was born August 5, 2014. Susan says: “Sherry, I am sure you have had so many testimonials, but please add this one to your folder as well! I have had dogs (Goldens, Labs, Schnauzers) all my life, all good ones, well behaved once out of puppy stages, crate trained, etc. But this crazy, loopy, sweet Bernadette has eyes that see right through me. She senses when I need a laugh, is quiet when I am tired, she just gets me. My neighbor says she has never seen a dog so devoted but also friendly to other dogs and people. So…job well done!” ~Susan Mendenhall

Susan loved Bernadette so much that she added another F1b standard goldendoodle named Clementine to her pack. Clementine’s parents are Paris and Mogley.

Biggles (Parents: Bubbles x Dewy)
Owners: The Taylors
Haarlem, The Netherlands

“From the minute Biggles arrived, he charmed us all! Sherry chose a wonderful pup for us! He’s an awesome successor to our Golden, Frisbee. He lives for running, swimming and chasing balls or sticks or just plain hanging out with us.

Biggles is easily one of the best traveled Goldendoodles of Canada: from normally living in the forest in Bragg Creek, Alberta, and occasionally Vancouver to now – temporarily  experiencing city life near Haarlem in the Netherlands…(today he went to Amsterdam by train and did a canal boat trip and he was cool with it all).

He is smart, uses his paws as hands and listens very well: a simple ‘No’ stops him from going after deer, squirrels or even the odd bear near our home, or he just goes and gets whatever it is we are asking for! Compared to most F1 doodles he is quite light and small. His parents are Bubbles and Dewy and he now weighs about 52 lbs. His energy is boundless although he is calm and well behaved when needed! Goldendoodles are still relatively unknown in Holland but Biggles is sure changing that!! He seems to be a people magnet wherever he goes!” ~Dave Taylor

Ringo (Parents: Clea x Baron)
Owners: The Greenbaums
Thornhill, ON

“One great dog in sun…rain…or snow. He is named after Ringo Starr, the Beatle, and like his famous namesake, our Ringo is always cool without having to try.
Wherever we go, people want to know more about him. It’s those moments that make us so proud and happy to have him in our lives. Ringo has exceeded our expectations in every way possible. We are so impressed by his personality that he truly has become a part of our family. He’s a terrific companion  friendly, clever, loving, easy to train and very sociable.

Ringo enjoys swimming at the cottage in summer, playing street hockey with the children and going on shopping trips to the Beaches or Yorkville where singer/designer Gwen Stefani saw him from her limousine and complimented him.

Ringo enjoys simple pleasures like a blanket at bedtime, a peanut butter-filled chew toy, and music. I played the Beatles’ ‘All You Need Is Love’ one day and he cocked his head, laid down beside the speaker and listened to the music. Shoshana commented, ‘He’s turning out to be a man of culture.’

We can’t thank Sherry enough. If you’re thinking about getting a Goldendoodle from her, all we can say is that you’re in for a treat. Peace, Love & Sherry’s Goldendoodles Rule. If you would like more information, we can be reached at” ~Martin Greenbaum

Owners: The Hatsioses
Toronto, ON

“Sherry, our family can’t thank you enough for bringing our wonderful dog Oscar into our lives. From the start, your help and advice have been invaluable in terms of selecting the right puppy for us, teaching us about puppy care and training, and providing telephone and email support, especially in the first days and weeks when we were adjusting to life with our new dog. I would highly recommend you as a breeder and your Goldendoodle pups.

Oscar is a walking advertisement for how great Goldendoodles are as family pets. He is a beautiful dog with striking coloring and an expressive face. He has a sweet, goofy, loving, intelligent temperament and has been able to charm absolutely everyone that he has come in contact with. He loves people as well as other dogs. We cannot go anywhere without being stopped continually by people who want to know more about him or even to take his picture! Cars have stopped on the street when we have been outside our home or on a walk to ask us about him! As you know, friends of ours were so taken by Oscar that they now own one of your puppies too!!!

Our precious Oscar has enriched our family’s life in more ways than we could have ever guessed. He does something to make us laugh every day. It has been wonderful to watch our children see their lifelong dream of having a dog come true, and to see them enjoy Oscar so much, especially when he greets them in the morning, accompanies them on walks, plays fetch (Oscar’s favorite activity) or cuddles by their feet while they are doing homework, reading a book or watching TV. Our weekends often include hikes in our local ravines or in the countryside, and Oscar is always an enthusiastic participant during our adventures! He can hardly wait to jump into the back of our SUV when we take him for a drive! We like to visit an off-leash park near our home, and Oscar adores the chance to run (and dig!) but is always quick to come to us when we call him.

He matured into a great dog! He has captured all of our hearts and we absolutely adore him. It is my pleasure to provide a reference for both you, Sherry, and your wonderful breeding program at SwissRidge Kennels.” ~Catherine Hatsios

Cargo (Parents: Ginger x Dawson)
Owners: The Waterses
Alberta, Canada

He is turning into quite the little fellow! What a cutie! Wendy says: “I thought I’d give you an update on our precious Cargo. He’s learned to go to his bed and lie down (with a little bribery) and he sits every time he is asked. He’s also learned to ring the bell on the door to let us know when he needs to do his business. He even rings it when he is alone and wants some company. When the bell rings, we come…huh? I wonder who is training who? Whenever we are out he greets everyone he sees, he just loves the attention and soaks it up for as long as they let him. We get so many people asking ‘What is he?’ followed by compliments on how cute he is. Cargo has become such a joy in our lives. There isn’t a day that’s gone by where he hasn’t made us laugh or brought a smile to our faces. When I’m soaking in the bath he has to be there playing in the bubbles, it’s hilarious! He tries to eat the bubbles and nearly climbs right in with me. Things get a little wet but it’s a blast! I must thank you again for giving us the opportunity to have Cargo become a part of our hearts. We love him dearly!” ~Wendy Waters

Lola (Parents: Clea x Dawson)
Owner: Amanda
Vancouver, BC

“We live in the community of Kitsilano in Vancouver, BC. In Kits it seems every other person has a dog to walk along the beach. When we got our doodle we could not walk for more than half a block without someone stopping to ask what kind of dog she is. People would even jump out of their cars or yell out of their open windows to inquire about our little fuzzy doodle. They would create names for her ranging from Chewy, to one of the characters on the Muppets, to big fluffy teddy bear. We felt ‘Lola’ suited her perfectly. The greatest thing about our doodle  and there are so many great things  is that we can walk down the street with her and she will literally grin widely at every passerby hoping to get a grin in return. She makes everyone smile. She is the most easygoing, laid-back, kind, sweet, goofy dog. She gives hugs by squishing between people’s legs and will hold still for a thousand kisses on her nose. Our girl brings sunshine into our lives every single day. I would highly recommend a doodle like our Lola!” ~Amanda

Owner: Melanie

“We just wanted to update you on how incredibly fantastic Mischa is! She is now 62 lbs. She has brought so much joy into each of our lives, and is able to bring a smile out in everyone we come across. We get stopped constantly when walking Mischa. People are amazed at how beautiful she is and always comment on her calm and gentle disposition. Mischa loves being around people and meeting new friends (both human and dog friends) but most of all, she LOVES children! Mischa is now the same height as most of the children in the neighborhood and while most of them were afraid of her in the beginning, they now run over to say hello. As they approach, Mischa immediately lies down and will often roll onto her back, begging for a belly rub. We take her to the dog run (park) almost every day, and while she loves to wrestle and run around with her friends, she is just as happy to curl up beside someone on the park bench, resting her head in their lap. Mischa is the sweetest, most gentle dog we have ever met and we could not imagine a day without her. Our lives have definitely changed since we got her and we all agree that she was one of the best decisions we ever made. Thank you once again, Sherry, for matching us up with such an incredible little girl!

We would love for her picture to be up on your website, and for everyone to see just how beautiful and wonderful she is, as are all of the doodles you breed! Please feel free to post my email address for anyone who would love to hear more about our baby: ~Melanie

Rugby (Parents: Carrie x Hendrix)
Owners: The Byingtons
Columbus, OH

“Rugby is an absolute delight! Fun-loving and great with kids, Rugby was easy to train and will do anything for a little snack. He loves to play with the kids in our family and is remarkably patient and kind. There isn’t a mean bone in his big, goofy body  he loves our cat, Lulu, and any other pets he gets the chance to meet! Some of his favorite activities are swimming, boating, taking car rides with his head out the window, playing fetch, chewing on his toys, and romping around in the snow.

One of the things we love most about Rugby is his genuine desire to be around us, he especially loves to cuddle up or lay his head on our lap while on the couch. He is liked by everyone who he comes in contact with, especially children. The kids near our home adore him and are always overjoyed to see their buddy Rugby. They run to meet him, hugging and petting him  he eats it up and absolutely loves the attention! His other best friends are the horses and our old donkey, Jake  we find them, nose-to-nose through the fence, saying hi every afternoon! Thank you so much, Sherry, for matching us with the most wonderful dog we have ever known, we are truly blessed doodle-parents!” ~Jessie Byington

Uli (Parents: Ginger x Rex)
Owners: The Williamses
Hamtramck, MI

“Uli is a Goldendoodle and was born December of 2006. She is everything we were hoping for. We were initially nervous about the placement process, but after educating ourselves with a few books understood that it is truly the most responsible way to handle the process  both on behalf of the pup and the owners! Sherry was able to place us with the exact puppy we were looking for!

Uli is neither shy nor aggressive, but very fearless! LOL, it’s true that they do learn very quickly, and also grow extremely fast. Everyone that meets her is surprised that she doesn’t shed when pet. Also, I am not allergic to her at all. She’s been extremely friendly and confident when meeting everyone including people, dogs and cats and doesn’t seem to be fazed by anything. We sincerely couldn’t be happier!” ~Carrie Williams

Morgan (Parents: Sasha x Rex)
Owners: The Sandses
Kingston, ON

“‘He’s so cute, he looks like a kid in a dog costume,’ my sister-in-law blurted out as we walked through the door of her home. Truer words were never spoken about Morgan, our wonderful Goldendoodle. My husband and I felt it was the best description of Morgan, and in a lot of ways it spoke volumes. He is such an awesome creature that it’s easy to think of him as a 60 lb. kid with a great sense of fun and humor. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t bring a big smile to our faces!

From the moment we picked him up at Sherry’s kennel we realized what a bright and personable dog she had chosen for us. It was our first experience with a professional breeder and she was amazing!

My veterinarian was super impressed with Morgan’s quality conformation and the deworming program that Sherry administered. More praise came from the instructor of our obedience training classes. She is a breeder of Golden Retrievers and also runs a very successful boarding kennel. She has seen many goldendoodles, but told us that she knew immediately that Morgan came from a good breeding establishment, unlike so many doodles that she had worked with. She says he is a welcome addition to their ‘dog camp’ kennel and is so good-natured that she knows he can be trusted to romp and play with any dog in their care.

We receive so many compliments for Morgan and his excellent looks and behavior, that they are too numerous to mention. Sherry is #1 in our books for breeding great dogs. Her high standards are a guarantee that any pup you purchase from her will be worth every penny!” ~Lianne Morgan-Sands



Stuart (Parents: Sienna x Rex)
Owners: The Dubchaks
Kenora, ON

“Congratulations on being named on the Premium Breeders List! That is exactly where you should be, given the amazing animals that you breed. Thank you for your care and dedication in producing what I consider to be the perfect pet.

Stuart has been the best thing to happen in our family.  He has given us so much joy and love. Stuart is everything you said he would be, he is smart and funny and he loves everyone in our family with the same intensity. He is so happy to see each of us every morning. Sometimes when he is sitting there looking at you, you almost expect him to start talking. I simply cannot say enough to describe how wonderful he is!

I don’t think that I have ever had him out for a walk (these walks are Stu’s favorite time of the day) that someone hasn’t stopped me to admire him and ask questions about the breed. It is impossible not to smile when you look at Stuart!
Stuart is 77 pounds. He has been through obedience class, which he truly enjoyed. Stuart was neutered this week and very quickly was back to his vivacious self. He is one very healthy and happy Doodle. Thank you so much, Sherry, for choosing this pup for us. We love him like crazy.” ~The Dubchaks

Themba (Parents: Ebony x Rex)
Owners: The Langdons
Ontario, Canada

“This is Themba. He is an English goldendoodle, which you can see by his stocky, powerful build and light coloring. Themba’s name means ‘trust’ in Zulu, and he really lives up to his name. Well, maybe not with mittens, or cheese left out on the kitchen counter, but we’re working on that. But in pretty much every other way, Themba is a patient, good-natured and intelligent dog who we trust to be a faithful and loving member of our family. He learns very quickly, and always tries hard to do his best. When the children are running around and he knows that our toddler is likely to get knocked over by his enthusiastic, 70 lb. puppy self, he asks to go outside so he can wrestle with a big stick and not cause any upset. The children just adore him, and an outing is not complete without him. He has already traveled to Nova Scotia and splashed in the ocean, and showed himself to be a very calm and adaptable traveler. Friends of ours were so impressed with him, and with Sherry’s breeding program in general, that they now have one of Sherry’s tiny goldendoodles. Themba gets along well with our cats and other dogs, and enjoys sitting outside and watching the birds at the feeder. He is a very sweet dog!” ~Carrie Langdon

Owners: The Pinkneys
Toronto, ON

“Stella is doing very well in her ‘classes’ and is great for the groomers. I brush her every day so there are never any mats for them to deal with, they love her. We love her size and she couldn’t be more perfect for us. She’s clever and goofy and just a big bundle of love. I am attaching a recent picture of her so you can see what a pretty girl she has turned out to be. She is the ‘darling’ wherever she goes and is quite the little flirt in her training classes. Thanks for doing what you do so well. :-)” ~Elissa Pinkney

If you would like to email Elissa for more info on Stella, her email address is

Zoey (Parents: Allie x Monty)
Owners: The Moores
Huntington Beach, CA

“Sherry, we wanted to share some pictures of our goldendoodle, Zoey. She has brought nothing but joy to our family and she has become best friends with our 19-month-old granddaughter. Zoey is really calm around the baby so they can play and is very gentle with her. We have taken Zoey to a ‘Doodle-Romp’ near our home in Huntington Beach, California, and she really loved playing with the other goldendoodles. Everyone wants to know where we got her because she is so perfect. Sherry, we want to thank you for guiding us into getting this wonderful new member of our family!” ~Eileen Moore

Oli (Parents: Allie x Monty)
Owners: The Alains
Ontario, Canada

“When we bought Oli from SwissRidge Kennels in 2008, we bought more than a healthy, beautiful dog – we bought support for the entire lifetime of that dog. Even the best bred dogs require lots of training and dog psychology understanding, and that’s where Sherry is exceptional. She is always available and eager to offer her experience and expertise, whenever we need it. Now Oli is quite the dog to start off with: stop-to-stare beautiful, healthy and hardy, smart and trainable, friendly to no end, portable and adaptable, mellow, and mostly very predictable. Sherry picked him especially for us, a family with a 4-year-old child and who works all day. Oli hasn’t been crated since he turned 1; he requires a normal amount of exercise; he doesn’t wake us up in the morning; he knows well his commands; he can travel long distances in the car; he doesn’t touch food unless permitted; he is great off leash; he has chewed very little (even as a puppy); and he is always happy. We have no regrets.” ~Angele Alain

Bentley (Parents: Ebony x Simon)
Owner: Lucyna Wawrynowicz
Warsaw, Poland

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the best Dog on the Planet!!!!
Everyone in Warsaw where we live LOVES him!!!!!! He is SO respectful, enthusiastic, playful, funny and energetic. He can be off the leash in the park! Total strangers stop me all the time to tell me how beautiful he is, and ooh and aah over him. He is famous in our neighborhood, and he knows!! He is so well tempered and loves people and other dogs so much and as such, we are able to take him with us everywhere we go. I cannot express to you enough how intelligent and adaptable he is. He just makes everyone he meets smile. Bentley is obsessed with fetching his ball!!! He did very well in his puppy school, and knows a lot of tricks already. He is the JOY of our lives!!!! Thanks again for a wonderful dog, life wouldn’t be the same without him!!!!

Sherry was responsive and helpful with all of our questions about the breed and was really interactive in choosing the perfect puppy for our lifestyle. I recommend Sherry to everyone!!!!!” ~Lucyna Wawrynowicz

Paisley (Parents: Aurora x Falcor)
Owners: The Martinis
San Clemente, CA

“Paisley was flown to us on Air Canada when she was eight weeks old and she arrived happy and in flawless condition.  She resides in San Clemente, California, with Cathleen and Daniel Martini who are both retired. In our 40 plus years together we have never owned a dog as special as Paisley. Not only is she beautifully bred and healthy but she is a stunning dog as well. But the most special thing about Paisley is her wonderful personality. She loves other people, dogs and especially children. She is our perfect family pet as we have five grandchildren. We cannot praise Sherry enough for breeding such all around healthy dogs with such wonderful temperaments.” ~Cathleen Martini

Koda (Parents: Allie x Monty)
Owners: The Thompsons
Toronto, ON

“Koda was born on March 12 from Monty and Allie’s litter. My fiancé and I both come from families that have always had dogs, so it was only a matter of time when we moved in together before we started looking at breeds to start our own family. We have always loved retrievers, but didn’t want the shedding, which is how we came across the English Goldendoodle. Koda is the sweetest dog that we have ever met. He is about 65 lbs. now and growing every day. He is the perfect fit for our lifestyle. He loves to play when we play but also loves to relax when we relax. We cannot take him out for a walk without someone stopping us on the street to ask about him. He is famous in our neighborhood, and he knows it. We live a very active lifestyle and Koda loves participating in everything that he possibly can. He is so well tempered and loves people and other dogs so much and as such, we are able to take him with us everywhere we go. Whether we are going up to the cottage for the weekend, or over to a friend’s house for dinner, Koda is able to adapt to whatever environment he is in. He is just happy to be around people and to play with other dogs. I can honestly say that I will be getting English Goldendoodles for the rest of my life.

We came across Sherry’s website one night and were so impressed with the amount of information that she provides. She was responsive and helpful with all of our questions about the breed and was really interactive in choosing the perfect puppy for our lifestyle. I recommend Sherry to everyone that asks about Koda. The whole experience was positive, up to the day that we went to go pick up our new puppy. She spent over an hour with us showing us puppy training tricks and going over any questions that we had. You could feel the love that Sherry has for these puppies and you just know that they are extremely well taken care of before they go to their new homes.

My parents also loved the breed so much, that they got Cooper (a Mini English Goldendoodle) from Sherry as well. Cooper is three weeks younger than Koda and they are best friends. Whenever we go to visit, Koda and Cooper play together from the minute that we arrive, to the minute we leave. My parents have two other dogs as well and Cooper bonded with the other dogs instantly. I have attached pictures of Koda and Cooper together playing in the snow for the first time. These dogs absolutely love the snow and could play in it for hours! Enjoy the pictures and feel free to email me with any questions that you have about our experience with SwissRidge, or about the breed in general! My email: Thanks, Sherry!!!!” ~Shannon Thompson

Roxi (Parents: Libby x Monty)
Owners: The Waxmans
Ottawa, ON

“Roxi was born in 2011, and she’s been an amazing addition to our family. Roxi has a great disposition, with a loving personality. She loves her routines, yet she is also very adaptable. Roxi loves to go for walks in the neighborhood and seeing her friends at the dog park. However, she also loves to rest, relax, and nuzzle up with us at our home in Ottawa, Ontario. Roxi brings out the best in everyone around her. We are so proud to be the owners of this intelligent and loving girl.” ~Jodi Waxman


Tucker (Parents: Chantelle x Monty)
Owners: The Smiths
Westerville, OH

“We could not be happier with Tucker. He was born Dec. 12, 2009. He is fantastic and everyone thinks he is the best looking dog they have ever seen. I have attached a couple of photos of Tucker. He is not allowed on any furniture except the bean bag chair, but we did find him in the leather chair one day. As you can see he looked like he owned the leather chair. Your dogs are the best and we recommend you to anyone thinking of getting an English Goldendoodle or one of your other breeds.” ~Dan Smith

Dug (Parents: Sofie x Arimas)
Owners: Michael Winston

“Dug will be 9 on March 6,2021. His parents are Sofie (golden retriever) & Aramis(poodle). Sherry – he gives us so much happiness and laughs and his goofy, sweet personality fits are family so well. When we brought him to a master German shepherd trainer when he was 6 months the trainer said that Dug has the most incredible base-line calm, confident personality he had ever seen and said he he was a joy to train and what was the rest of the litter like? I share because it is a testament to the amazing breeding that you do at Swiss Ridge. Thanks, Mike.”


Owners: Erin Bryne

Our girl Piper is the best! She is turning 15 years old in December 2020. Her sweet disposition has made her the dog favourite among our friends and the best big sister to our boys (age 11 and 9). Swissridge breeders the best dogs. I am forever grateful for her. ~ Erin Bryne

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