About SwissRidge Doodles

Over the past two decades, we’ve worked tirelessly to breed only the best lines in our program. These lines have all been cleared of specific genetic diseases and we’ve paired some of the most well-rounded personalities to create this new exclusive breed.

The SwissRidge Doodle is an amazing hybrid, bred exclusively at SwissRidge Kennels since 2015. These dogs are a combination of all my favorite breeds – the golden retriever for their gentle and loving nature with the endless desire to please their owners; the Bernese mountain dog for their sweet, loyal, and affectionate nature, beautiful markings, and solid build; the poodle for their silly, charismatic, and intelligent disposition; and the Australian labradoodle for their intelligence, willingness to please, and solid and trustworthy temperament.

We have bred enough litters of SwissRidge Doodles to confidently give them a five-star rating. Owners can’t stop raving about this incredible new breed! See all the testimonials here.

The Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are intelligent large-breed dogs, often used as gun dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, and detection dogs. They are often trained as disability assistance dogs because of their gentle and loving nature and their desire to be with and please people.

Golden retrievers love the water! It’s quite common for them to seek out water and go for a dip. They have a beautiful dense coat and are known to shed quite heavily.

The Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese mountain dogs (Berners) have a placid, easygoing nature and extreme loyalty. They are completely dedicated to their families, with a special fondness for children. In fact, they are so loyal that it can be difficult to rehome an adult Berner and break its original bond. Berners are known for leaning on people to soak up all possible attention. They are exceptionally beautiful dogs and have a distinctive tri-colored coat. Bred in the Swiss Alps as farm dogs that pulled carts or drove cattle to market, the Bernese thrive in cold weather and have a double coat that sheds quite heavily. They are intelligent, strong dogs who have a moderate need for exercise.

A significant number of Bernese are afflicted with hip and elbow dysplasia, or succumb to inherited cancer, heart disease, or epilepsy in middle age. While cancer is the leading cause of death for dogs in general, Bernese have a much higher rate of fatal cancer than other breeds. Overall, the Berner is one of the shorter-lived dog breeds, with a life expectancy of only seven years. This is particularly sad when the Berner is known to be slow to mature and somewhat challenging to train.

Without proper socialization, these naturally cautious and reserved dogs can become skittish and suspicious, and may develop separation anxiety. They can also be decidedly stubborn. Yet the Bernese also has a deep need to please its humans and is surprisingly sensitive. As a result, training a Berner requires a great deal of patience, consistency, and a gentle hand.

The Poodle

Poodles rank high on the canine intelligence scale and excel in obedience. Most people are aware that this lovely breed has a low- to non-shedding coat, making them a great choice for people with allergies. What people don’t realize is how active and playful poodles can be! They are the clowns of the dog world, and it’s no coincidence that they were used in circus acts for centuries. But the poodle is more than a clever show dog. They originated in Germany as hunting dogs, especially good at water retrieving. This breed doesn’t get nearly enough credit for being a hardy, intrepid dog that enjoys outdoor adventures.

A typical poodle thrives in a busy household where there is plenty of attention to go around. Vigorous exercise and ongoing training are the keys to managing the poodle’s exuberance. If bored, poodles may find their way into mischief. They are also quick to sound an alert, and have earned a reputation for barking.

Poodles can be nervous and sensitive to stress and are typically affected by eye, skin, and digestive diseases, as well as immune system diseases. The most common problems are bloat/torsion, thyroid issues, sebaceous adenitis, juvenile renal disease, hip dysplasia, and cancer.

Poodles come in three sizes and a wide variety of colors. Where most dogs have double coats, poodles have a single-layer coat of dense, curly fur that sheds minimally, but will mat without proper care.

The Australian Labradoodle

The Australian labradoodle is a cross between a poodle, cocker spaniel, and Labrador retriever. This hybrid originated in the 1980s with the intent to create a breed that was hypoallergenic while still maintaining the temperament of a service dog. It was inspired by a woman who was visually impaired – she required a guide dog to assist her in daily tasks, but one who wouldn’t aggravate her husband’s allergies. Of the 31 labradoodles bred at Royal Guide Dogs, a staggering 29 made it through as guide dogs. This is a significant accolade for this “new breed” of guide dog.

The Australian labradoodle is a registered hybrid through the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA). Breeders who are members of this association are required to do a series of tests before their dogs are bred. They enforce many rules within the club to keep the breed free of disease and inbreeding.

This breed has a very loving disposition and strong desire to be with their owners. They are very affectionate, outgoing, playful dogs who love to cuddle. They are very intelligent and eager to work and please their owners. They have consistency in their coats and shed minimally.

Four in One…You Can Have It All!

We have seen such a wonderful combination of traits from the four breeds that comprise the SwissRidge Doodle. This breed is very well rounded. They are the perfect blend of calm and affectionate with playful in the right moments. We have found that they are great family dogs who are very easy to train. They are affectionate dogs and love to be with their family. They have a great love for all dogs and people. I have never seen any aggression in these lines to date. They are such friendly and loving dogs that they would go home with almost anyone.

Most pups seem to be very relaxed and calm and this trait is seen right into adulthood. Many owners have commented how these are the best dogs they have ever owned. If you are a first-time dog owner, I truly believe that a SwissRidge Doodle is the perfect breed to start with.

Appearance and Coat

SwissRidge Doodles can come in a variety of colors. They are medium-sized dogs, with a soft coat that is either wavy or curly. They have a stocky body, an adorable head, and a short muzzle. Most people say that they look like Muppets!

SwissRidge Doodles who have wavy coats are low- to non-shedding. This breed is especially good for people with allergies. SwissRidge Doodles with a curly coat are like a poodle and will not shed. I tend to suggest curly-coated puppies for people with severe allergies. There are no guarantees, but even with a severe allergy to dander, a curly-coated SwissRidge Doodle should be fine in your household.

Breeders will evaluate the puppy at a few weeks old and can often tell the type of coat the dog will have, and can help match you with the coat type you desire. Since there are no guarantees with coat type, a responsible breeder will give you time to interact with your puppy and see if you are allergic. This gives the new owner time to return the pup if it is not working out. If you are allergic to dog saliva, and your skin breaks out in hives when licked by a dog, you will most likely be allergic to all SwissRidge Doodles regardless of coat type.

The curlier the dog’s coat is, the harder it is to maintain. Since SwissRidge Doodles shed very little, if at all, they need to be brushed regularly to prevent matting, and must be clipped every few months.


SwissRidge Doodles range in size from 30 to 55 lbs. and 15 to 20 inches at the shoulder. This range encompasses the average, but sometimes a pup will fall outside the expected height and weight.



Health and Lifespan

The first SwissRidge Doodle was bred in 2015, so they are still a young breed. Since I can only estimate on their long-term health, I use their lineage as my guide. They are very healthy and vibrant dogs, and I estimate the average life expectancy to be 12 to 15 years.

While SwissRidge Doodles tend to be healthier than their parent breeds, they are still prone to conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia and certain eye problems. Skin problems, such as hot spots and allergies, are also seen in this mix. Like any other breed of dog, they may get cancer. A reputable breeder will perform various tests and provide evidence of the successful results of the parent dogs. It’s important for prospective buyers to understand that breeders invest a great deal of money upfront in finding healthy breeding stock and doing the required testing. This investment is usually reflected in the higher cost of the puppy for the buyer. A higher upfront cost will most likely reduce vet bills down the road.

SwissRidge Doodle Mismatch

I believe the SwissRidge Doodle is a suitable breed for almost any family. I hear time and time again how they are extremely easy dogs to train and raise. They are very calm with great demeanors. They are great dogs for first-time dog owners or for families that may have small children.

  • This is a social breed with an unconditional love and affection towards humans. If you have limited time for a dog, this may not be the breed for you.
  • A low- to non-shedding coat means more time, effort, and money spent on grooming.

But if you have the time and enthusiasm, I predict your SwissRidge Doodle will become the best friend you ever had.

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