Testimonials – Tiny Goldendoodles

Schnitzel (Parents: Kenya x Furby)
Owners: Matthew Slutsky and Carlie Brand
Toronto, ON

“Carlie and I are so happy with our little dood from SwissRidge. Schnitzel is the perfect dog for our lifestyle. He is a little bit crazy. He is a little bit nutty. And, he is the most loving, loyal, smart, perfect little Tiny Goldendoodle around.

I take him to work every day, and from the first day people thought he’d be a little yapper. But, everyone is amazed at how well trained he is, how smart he is, and how he can instantly turn a bad mood into a good mood. He is just perfect.

P.S. We are also blown away by the incredible community you have created, and everything you have done. Every picture of him is perfection, but check out Schnitzel’s Instagram page:” ~Matthew Slutsky

Braidie (Parents: Charlie x Rocky)
Owner: Mari Ann Spoelstra
Wyckoff, NJ

“Braidie has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She arrived at LaGuardia Airport 4 days after the devastating Hurricane Sandy hit the New Jersey coast in full force. Her first meal was by candlelight as we were without electricity for 9 days. As you can see by her pictures, she has very beautiful markings. She was actually my 3rd choice. I had never had a puppy that was chosen for me by the breeder and never heard of temperament testing before. When Sherry notified me that I was getting a little girl, I was a little disappointed since I had requested a boy. Of course, after 2 minutes, I knew Sherry had picked the perfect puppy for me. She is so sweet and loving and has been very easy to train. The best attribute she has is that she loves everyone, human and canine, and she can be crazy dog, but then docile dog. We live on a quiet street with lots of bicycles, joggers, and other people walking their dogs. We have a Canine Fence and she runs up and down the property greeting everyone who goes by. I often invite my neighbors with their dogs into our yard so they can play and this has helped her to be very well socialized. I could not be happier with a puppy than I am with Braidie. The picture below is on our 303 Pearson sailboat, which she went on this past weekend. As you can see, Braidie adapted to sailing very easily. My email is Braidie is such a smart girl for her age.” ~Mari Ann Spoelstra

Lego (Parents: Georgie x Pickle)
Owners: The Delaneys
Burlington, ON

“Hi, my name is Lego! I’m a one-year-old tiny goldendoodle from SwissRidge Kennels. My owner, Evan, received me for his 8th birthday. Evan loves me more than anything in the world! We are best friends!! I go everywhere with Evan, including a daily ride each morning to drop him at school. I went to all his soccer games! I even went out for Halloween!! We were a combo!!! I love my new family! My new Mom and Dad (Evan’s parents) say I’m a smart little guy that has fit perfectly into their family!” ~Pamela Delaney

Emily (Parents: Charlie x Star)
Owners: The Evanses
Ottawa, ON

“I want to bring you up to date on our sweet Emily. What a wonderful little sweetheart she is! Reg and I love her so much!! We’ve always had a dog and always felt very close to them, but neither of us has the experience of having such fun with a puppy as we have with Emily!

She has a very friendly and outgoing personality. We take her to an off-leash acreage almost every day and thrill at her running like the wind with every dog and play, play, play. There isn’t a dog who is faster than her! It’s crazy how fast she can run. Dogs by the dozens are there; we walk for half an hour and Emily runs and socializes. She stays close and comes dashing to us when we call her!!

She cuddles, and is very calm and still when we are quiet together. What a joy! We both love it. Reg has never had a dog sit beside him on the couch as he reads, and he really enjoys it. She’s warm and her coat is still very soft.

And beautiful!!!!! EVERYBODY comments on her gorgeous color, ALL THE TIME! She’s the envy of everybody. Honestly, people rave about her color and all say, ‘What a perfect size.’ She’s bigger than I had anticipated, Sherry – not the little thing to pick up under my arm like I thought she’d be, but I’m in agreement with everybody. She is the perfect size. I had wanted her smaller, but I don’t now. She’s small enough to be a lap dog, but we’re not tripping over her! She’s probably 23 pounds, quite tall and long.

Sherry, I met Wonka at the acreage. Wonka is an offspring of Star, as is Emily. He was born about 2 weeks after Emily. When I met him and the woman (Rena somebody), I was soo excited! We’ve met other goldendoodles at the same place who came from your kennel. Charlie and Yanky (or something like that). All are very cute and their owners love them, but, again, everybody thinks Emily is the best size!! – i.e. smaller than most doodles. So keep up the tiny breeding. I recommend you highly, Sherry. You were so very helpful and responsive to me in the early days when I had so many questions.

We’re in our third session of training. Lots of repeat, really. I’m not aspiring to anything with her, but I like having contact with experienced trainers so I can ask questions.

Again, Sherry, thanks for a beautiful puppy.” ~Linda Evans

Odie (Parents: Charlie x Star)
Owner: Jeremy Mazzenga
Boston, MA

“I’m just writing you to fill you in on my pup, Odie. He is doing AMAZING! I never knew I could love and enjoy a puppy so much. We are thrilled with each other and can’t spend enough time together. When I take him for a walk, EVERYONE stops to ask me questions about him and swoon over how cute he is. He likes to stand up on his two legs and give me kisses and lay in my lap while I sit and read or watch TV. What a great dog I got from you. Enclosed are some photos of Odie. He just got fixed and is doing well. He isn’t even 20 lbs. yet. Thanks so much for such a remarkable doggie!!!” ~Jeremy Mazzenga

Lola (Parents: Charlie x Rocky)
Owner: Denise Trans
Manhattan, NY

“You have such a great doodle gallery and I am such a satisfied and happy mom that I wanted to post my pics of Lola and tell you how she’s doing. If you get a slew of inquiries from NYC then I am partly responsible!! I think I’ve given out your info to at least 20 people. But, I’ve been asked nearly daily when I am out with Lola about her breed and breeder that I couldn’t keep the info to myself. She is really the sweetest, smartest, and most lovable dog I’ve ever had. She was potty trained in 3 days, she knows about 8 different tricks now!! She learns so quickly that it’s been very fun teaching her things.

She’s currently 14 lbs. and healthy. What is most sweet about Lola is she LOVES, LOVES to cuddle. Absolutely her favorite thing to do. She will cuddle you any chance she gets as often as you let her. I think you did a great job explaining their temperament. I picked the mellow puppy of the two options you gave me and I’m very happy I did. I’ve had so many compliments on how cute (with her 4 white paws and white tip on her tail) and how well behaved she is. She has changed our lives completely since entering it and we thank you for being a huge part of that process.” ~Denise Trans

Jango (Parents: Georgie x Sting)
Owners: The Ritenours
Brooklyn, NY

“Jango has been doing fabulously well. Katie and I have been so unbelievably happy with him, and it’s hard to remember what we did before we got him. He has been the sweetest dog that I’ve ever known.

Right now he is almost 6 months old and weighs 12.5 pounds. Once he got his full vaccinations, it took about a day or two to completely potty train him. Leash training has been incredibly easy – he almost always walks at our heel and rarely pulls. So far he’s learned sit, stay, come, down, off, and roll over. On 9/13 we had him neutered. His disposition didn’t change one bit, and he’s still incredibly playful and happy. He has to wear the cone of shame for a few more days, but he seems to have completely forgotten that he has it on.

We’ve set up a crate, bed, and a wide array of toys for him at both the office and at home. He absolutely loves going to work with me. There’s a constant stream of new people for him to lick, and he loves to run and slide across the slippery marble hallways. People stop us all the time on our walks to pet and coo over him. People on the train even come talk to us (major social faux pas in NY) about him. He’s developing quite a fan club around the neighborhood and office building. Most New York dog people have heard of goldendoodles, but they’ve never heard of a tiny one. Many strangers even take pictures of him to show their loved ones because the size and breed is perfect for apartment life here. I’m telling all of them about your website and how wonderful it was to work with you.” ~Spencer Ritenour

Esme (Parents: Charlie x Star)
Owner: Patricia Stark
Orlando, FL

“Esme and I are all settled here and we are learning our way around. Sherry, she is gorgeous in every way. She is well behaved, well housebroken, and well natured. Oh and of course she is BEAUTIFUL. She steals everyone’s heart and has mine completely. I have managed to remain good at keeping the appropriate relationship with her to have her well behaved and responsive somehow and I am ever-so grateful for that.
She remains true to her nature and is never aggressive with others of any kind but she has learned to bark as a result of being with other dogs so she sounds like a heckuva good watchdog even though I have my doubts. Thank goodness we haven’t had to put that to the test!

She is so very expressive that I marvel at her regularly. She is growing less and less puppy-like all the time now that she is spayed and her puppy looks are, of course, disappearing. The great news is they are being replaced with the most beautiful, caring and inquisitive looks you can imagine.

She rides in the car beautifully, she walks through our Farmer’s Market with ease and comfort, she freely expresses her displeasure (sometimes more than I want to hear – she is a great little fusser), and joyously expresses her excitement and happiness. She remains a terrific thief. She loves to take things that she thinks you like. She never destroys anything, but she will nab something off of a countertop and take it 20 paces before deciding she was victorious – then she’s done with it and proven how clever she is. One has to realize that this whole ordeal is quite tricky for a dog as small as she is. So needless to say, I am sure she is a champion Tiny Goldendoodle Jumper!

Thanks to Luna and Maggie she remains addicted to ice from the refrigerator door. She will fuss at you if you get ice without getting her some. Fussing for Esme is the equivalent of your Mother telling you…’Now what did you think you were doing?????’ I have never known a dog that could actually convey a tsk…tsk… But my Esme can. Too cute!

She is a whopping 13 ½ pounds so she isn’t going to get a whole lot larger at this point. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the great lengths you go to in your breeding process and in your puppy selection process. She is everything I wanted and nothing that I didn’t want. That seems so impossible but it is true. The temperament testing that you do is so crucial and I encourage all your prospective owners to give that whole process as much care and contemplation as they can. I am so appreciative of your skills and experience in this area. As you know, I wanted a dog that wouldn’t be aggressive but I also wanted a dog that would be gregarious with those people and animals that it knew. Not an easy combination but you matched us up perfectly.” ~Patricia Stark

Chase (Parents: Georgie x Star)
Owners: The Pattys
Torrance, CA

“Chase is from Georgie and Star 11/08 Male #3 – he is a darling little guy that keeps us amused every day with his silly personality! He finished his puppy kindergarten class and has learned how to sit, stay, lay down and come. He is very friendly to every dog he meets; he is a little shy when he first meets new people, but soon warms up. He loves the water…baths, sprinklers and a little kid’s pool – we are excited to take him boating this summer and have already purchased his life jacket. This little guy is fast – he can out run any two or four legged friends when they are playing in the backyard. He weighs 14 lbs. We are having so much fun with this little guy and love him so much…. THANK YOU!” ~Pam Patty

Molly (Parents: Danny x Sting)
Owners: The Eastwoods
Kanata, ON

“Molly is the most adorable dog I’ve ever met. Everyone falls in love with her right away. She is playful, adorable, sweet and cuddly. But most of all, she is very smart and learns so quickly. She loves all dogs and humans…she’s not sure about the ducks in the pond as she gets up on her back legs and growls like a bear. It’s quite funny. We can’t thank you enough!!! The kids adore her and don’t want to go away on holidays unless it’s with Molly!!” ~Francine Eastwood

Max (Parents: Maple x Milo)
Owners: Reanette Frobouck
Vero Beach, FL and Pittsburgh, PA

Max is a stunning, male, tiny goldendoodle. This is what his owner has to say about him “I was so lucky to find Max on the trained dogs section of Sherry’s website.  He was born on June 25, 2020 and had 2 months of imprint training and I decided to have him stay for another month.  He came to me,via Erie, Pa, on November 14, 2020.  It was a happy and exciting day.

Max has been the best dog in every way.  Perfectly crate trained, potty trained and nice manners.  The best part is he is so loving and sweet and extremely handsome.  I live in a golf community during the winter so we are out and about quite a lot.  It is a rare day that someone doesn’t stop and ooh and ahh over him.  They want to know his breed and where he came from.  I always give them the full advertisement.  He loves everyone and also all other dogs.  Never barks at golf carts or bikes or joggers.  A treat to walk.

He came at a great time during the dreadful pandemic.  He has brought tons of love and joy into the house.  I feel blessed to have him.

My sister has heard so much about Max that she is in line for one.

Thank you for this wonderful little guy.” ~Reanette Frobouck

Waffle (Parents: Meeka x Sting)
Owners: The Taylor’s
Toronto, ON

Waffle is a female, tiny goldendoodle that was about 1 year old (in March 2021) when this was written. Her owner says “Our tiny goldendoodle, Waffle, turned 1 last week (time flies!) and we want to say thank you for this wonderful addition to our family. Waffle is amazing.  She has brought so much fun to our family.  Waffle is so easy going, and continues to be a source of joy. She’s a great work-from-home companion. She’s silent, barely makes a peep ever!  She just naps and watches the world go by at the window, so nicely.  People walking dogs, delivery people, squirrels, no problem.  She plays with her toys and hasn’t destroyed our shoes or furniture, we are happy report. Waffle is always up for playing with our kids or going for a hike, and has really gotten great on her leash. At the end of each day, she likes to have her hair brushed and tummy rubbed, and she likes to relax. She sleeps happily in her crate every night, and quietly curls up with her Snuggle puppy until we wake. We honestly can’t believe how perfectly matched we are, and we feel so lucky to have her. Thank you!!” ~ Stephanie Taylor

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