Testimonials – Mini Goldendoodles

Fred (Parents: Tonka x Stitch)
Owners: The Christakises
Toronto, ON

Fred is a mini F1b goldendoodle. Alex says: “I wanted to send a pic of Fred and be a reference – not that you need any, your dogs speak for themselves. Fred is the most amazing dog we could have asked for. He is so smart and so funny. His temperament is amazing. He runs so fast at the off-leash dog park and then just chills at home. He has given us so much more than we could ever give back.” ~Alex Christakis

Gracie (Parents: Aurora x Sting)
Owners: The Saxons
Santa Monica, CA

Gracie is a mini English goldendoodle. Nina says: “Dear Sherry, You are the best breeder! From the moment we got Gracie out of her crate at the airport we were all in love. She was in your imprint program and came home knowing her name, basic commands as well as ‘go potty.’ She has always slept with us in our bed, but never goes on any other furniture. She was born happy and I would like to think that we have had a lot to do with that too as she approaches her second birthday. She loves to play tug…especially with Elliott, and have balls thrown at her to chase, but never understood giving the ball back. She loves belly rubs from Elliott 2-3 times a day. As we are both home a lot she is very secure and lives by a schedule. Everyone who meets her loves her…to the extent that older women come out to hug her and thank her for her kisses. Gracie loves little kids and rolls over for belly rubs from them. She loves to roll on fake grass, even cement, to scratch her back. When she goes to daycare at a place called Fit Dog, Santa Monica, she jumps into the arms of the people there, leaving us in the dust, and plays ‘patty cake’ with them. Gracie is fascinated by cats – she just watches them. If they arch their backs, she turns away. She is very respectful of older people too. At night, Gracie snuggles between us…and wakes an hour after Elliott, who is up at 5:30, then goes out with him and comes back to bed. If she had it her way, she would graze breakfast late and often I have to coax her. The phrase ‘she will eat when she is hungry’ does not apply to Gracie, who has become a foodie even liking lox!

She loves the Vet! Well…she loves everyone and gets so excited when she knows she is going to daycare. Her energy only quits to sleep or nap during the day – she’s a great sleeper.

Gracie only barks if someone comes to the door, but the other night after dinner with Elliott’s kids and grandkids, they wanted to walk her home and she screamed until we took her. Perhaps if one of us had gone, she would have been fine, but it illustrates how much she loves us and depends on us. We never leave her for more than four hours so she knows we always come home to her and never leave her very long. She loves to snuggle and is the very best girl, which of course we tell her all the time.

Gracie is very smart. I have a white electric BMW 3I car. Elliott was walking Gracie one evening and I was out. She saw a version of my car and stood on her back legs whining for me, thinking it was my car. She knows a lot of English and always tells us if she needs to go out, especially when it is off schedule.

I recommend you, Sherry, all the time. Our neighbor got a Mini Labradoodle from another breeder and it is already neurotic at 10 weeks. She was nipping at Gracie’s ankles and Gracie just stood and took it until I opened our door.

If Gracie wants to play and the phone rings, and we need to take the call, she respectfully goes behind the chair, sometimes dreaming with little noises or small snores until we are available.” ~Nina Saxon

Thelma (Parents: Aria x Sting)
Owners: Eric and Olivier
Verdun, QC

Thelma is a mini English goldendoodle. Olivier and Eric say: “Thelma is such a wonderful dog. She is so easy to train and so good to please people. She is always ready to play and she is an excellent traveler in the car. We are really in love with our dog. No shedding at all! There is no problem with some dog allergies we had a few years ago with our previous dog. She is the perfect dog. Thank you again for this extraordinary match.” ~Olivier and Eric

Fifi Mylo (Parents: Carrie x Sting)
Owners: The Wawrows
Edmonton, AB

“Our pup, Miss Fifi Mylo (Carrie & Sting, 22/Mar/14, Mini English Goldendoodle), has been such an amazing addition to our family. Neither my husband nor I ever had pets growing up, so we were hoping for an easy pup – we got her! It was love at first sight. None of us will forget the day we picked her up from the airport, she was very affectionate, and CUTE! She is now 23 lbs. at 8 months old. She is gentle, hilarious and very friendly. We never went through the nippy phase with her, and crate and potty training went extremely well. She will do anything for freeze-dried chicken!

She is on her third puppy training class, and is smart as a whip! And everywhere we go people want to know her breed and where she came from! She loves tug-a-war, and running around in the snow. Miss Fifi loves to play with other dogs and is never shy about mixing it up with big dogs. She is full of personality and rarely ever barks.

Not so long ago my 7 year old, Charlotte, used to scream at the sight of a dog, now she will sit with Miss Fifi on her lap and cuddle her, and hand feed her. Choosing SwissRidge Kennels and getting Miss Fifi was a life changer for us all. Now our girls do not go to sleep at night without a kiss from their puppy, she was worth every minute of the wait! We all absolutely love her to bits, we cannot thank you enough! Anyone with questions for us, feel free to email me,” ~Sherri Wawrow

Dexter (Parents: Jamela x Eddie)
Owners: The Laplantes

“He was fixed in February and had to wear a cone to keep him from pulling out his stitches. He became quite attached to that cone and had a hard time giving it up. He realized that he could flick the snow up with it and chase it. With all the extra snow in the cone it was an added bonus because he could have a drink too! When we went to throw the cone out you could tell that he still wanted it. He stuck his neck out for us to put it back on him and when we did he went tearing around the house, he was so excited, he would flick his toys in the air and carry on like a maniac.

He certainly is a great companion and we are enjoying him a lot. He has a very sweet temperament and loves to play ball or he’s happy just flinging his ‘babies’ around. He knows that when his leash comes out that he’s going for a walk. He also loves to pick the girls up from school. As soon as we get close to the school he starts to cry because he can’t wait to see all the kids. He enjoys the kids crowding around him. He kisses them all and loves for them to pet him but never jumps on them which really impresses me. However, as soon as he sees my girls coming towards him he goes nuts and tugs at his leash until he greets them…or I should say, until he licks them to death and gives them big hugs.

We took him to a leash-free dog park that we have in the city. He met a lot of new friends! He and two other pups enjoyed rolling around with each other in the snow, having the occasional game of chase and playing together. That is a major treat for him to go there! We met another doodle there that came from you. Small world.

We get lots of compliments on him. We can’t walk very far without someone asking what kind of dog he is. We have lots of people who have volunteered to watch him if we ever need a babysitter. It helps too that he doesn’t shed. The only time I find hair is after I brush him and the hair is usually on me!

Thanks again, Sherry, for matching us with Dexter! He’s perfect for us.” ~Leah Laplante

Ruby (Parents: Rory x Eddie)
Owners: The Greens
Nashville, TN

“I just wanted to send you a couple of photos of Ruby. She is now a southern girl living in Nashville, TN. She has been the most
wonderful addition to our family. She loves to chase butterflies, play in the yard, play with our children, and guard our front door! She loves to stay on the front porch and watch people walk through our neighborhood. Everywhere she goes she gets lots of attention and compliments. She loves to be with us everywhere we go. She was very
easy to train and is very, very smart. She also does not like to be told ‘no.’ If we tell her ‘no’, she will stop the behavior but she will start barking at us to let us know that she is not happy. She adores our son and we cannot wait until she is old enough to sleep with him at night. Thank you so much for matching her with our
family. She is a very good match and we love her.” ~Shelli Green

Ruby (Parents: Molly x Eddie)
Owners: The Riverses
Lachute, QC

“Ruby is wonderful and growing well. She is doing very well in her puppy classes, I would have to say she is one of the best, if not the best student. She is very smart and a real quick learner. You did a fabulous job of matching her up with us. I can’t get over it. She is perfect for our family. I love the way she loves to cuddle and always wants to be near us. She is very affectionate. I guess you can tell I adore her, well I am not the only one, the whole family does. The only problem I have is I think she may be a little too attached to me. She is such a doll!” ~Cathy Rivers

Oliver (Parents: Rory x Eddie)
Owners: The Stokoes
Toronto, ON

“We brought Oliver to our home in May 2008 and since that time he has become our best friend and loyal companion.  Sherry, you were right when you said that he would always want to be with us.  He is so inquisitive and always eager to be at our side no matter what we are doing. He is a wonderful traveler who really loves going for rides in the car. I think the thing I love best about Oliver is his temperament. He just loves meeting people and other animals and doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. He always seems to be such a happy little dog…who hardly ever barks. I must tell you that I believe Winter is his favorite time of year…. We just can’t get him to come in from the snow. We call him our little polar bear. We have a really large backyard and Oliver shows the true retriever side of his breeding…. He can retrieve anything and especially loves to catch a well-thrown frisbee…. Oliver is a Superstar!

Oliver is just the perfect size for us weighing in at 36 lbs. We are often stopped during walks or when we go to the leash-free parks by people who wonder what breed he is. When we say he is a Goldendoodle, many are surprised at his size but comment on how perfect it is. Everyone falls in love with him as soon as they meet him. Thank you so much for choosing this little dog for us…we couldn’t imagine life without him.” ~Susan Stokoe

Owner: Amy Somers

“Hi, my name is Charlie – my Mom (Amy) and my Dad (Ryan) are so in love with me! They tell me all of the time what a good baby girl I am and how proud they are of me. I am only 4 months old and I can sit on command, retrieve my stuffed Toad and ball, and of course find my bone when asked to. I know what ‘down’, ‘no barking’ and ‘no biting’ means, but I’m a lot like my Dad when it comes to being told what to do…. I don’t like it very much! And therefore, I don’t always do these things the first time that I am told. But, I’m working on it! Dad says that I’m a lot like my Mom when it comes to being the boss – we often struggle to see who will prevail, but in the end it’s always Mom even when I try my hardest to win (wink wink). My parents take me on big walks in the trails behind our house and I love it – I run and smell everything I can! And, I don’t even have to be on my leash when we’re out there because I don’t like Mom and Dad to get too far away from me so I stay close by them. I’ve also discovered water – boy oh boy do I ever love the water – and soon I’m going to get out on the Waverunner with my lifejacket! I’m growing up so fast, I’m 4 months and weigh 18 lbs. already! In the picture you see here I’m doing one of my favorite things…playing in the laundry! But, aren’t I cute? Mom and Dad said that I’m the best thing that’s happened to them and that they love me more than they ever imagined! In fact, they’re not sure what they’d do without me! :)” ~Amy Somers

Kirby (Parents: Andrex x Eddie)
Owners: The Fahlgrens
Great Falls, VA

“Here are several pictures for you to choose from if you would like to put one on your website. This is Kirby who was born from Andrex and Eddie on October 19. We are extremely happy that we purchased our puppy through you and have been through one puppy kindergarten class and will be starting one more next week. Thank you again.” ~Teri Fahlgren


Owners: The Richners

“Our Shiraz is growing up very quickly and we are very happy with her. She is a very gentle and lovey dog and so kind with us and our children. We are going to a puppy playgroup and Shiraz likes this very much to play with other puppies. Shiraz likes to play with everybody. The reactions of other people to Shiraz are unbelievable. The veterinarian and the playgroup teachers
praise her character and also the breed from Shiraz. Thank you, Sherry, for this wonderful dog. She was shipped from Toronto to Switzerland and came out of this little case and started immediately to play with us, eat and drink something and came with us in the car as if she knew us already a long time. We got from Sherry all the paperwork, so that the customs clearance and veterinary inspection at the airport went without any problems.” ~Barbara Richner

Mia (Parents: Jada x Eddie)
Owners: The Muirheads
McKinney, TX

“Sherry, thought we’d send some recent pix of Mia…. She is so great!! We just love her! She’s so smart and has a great disposition. She got potty training down super quick, which we’re thankful for… 🙂 And she’s so good…she’ll sit quietly at the back door and make one small little whimper sound…that’s her signal that she needs to go to the bathroom. Then she sits quietly and patiently until we take her out. We have a dog that barks at her when she’s in our backyard…and she just sits there looking at the dog, watching him…doesn’t even bark back.  She’s so great. We are so happy we have her. Thanks for all of your help in picking out the perfect dog for us.” ~Amy Muirhead

Owners: The Smiths
Mississauga, ON

“First off, Bailey is everything and more than we had hoped for. She has an amazing disposition, she’s smart as a whip (too smart for her own good on occasion), and she has energy to burn. She was very quick to house train, and has only had a few minor accidents in the early going. She does not like her kennel, because she is so sociable and wants to be around us all the time. We are persevering, but it is hard at times – we know in the long run it will all turn out for the best, but when she looks up at you with those dark black eyes, your heart melts.
My wife, who was reluctant to bring a dog into the house, is in love, head over heels, with her. Her mother, who never had dogs for their family growing up, thinks she has a new granddaughter, and can’t stop talking about her to other friends. The folks at my office all want one, and are always asking about her. I have 3 neighbors who have tried to smuggle her away – and I learned all this in the first 2 weeks after we brought her home.

She has had all her shots and smiled through them all – she starts obedience school next week, but she already knows Sit, Down, Stay, and while she ignores Leave it and No, we know she understands them all – she’s just a little mischievous and can’t resist a little rebellion from time to time. Her favorite activity right now is chasing (and catching) blowing leaves – she can’t have more fun than when we take her for a walk!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for making a dream of mine come true – Elaine tells me every day how happy I look when I come home or when I’m playing with her, or when she’s just sitting at my feet (Bailey that is, not my wife). It’s been a blast, and she has only been a family member for 3 months – I can’t imagine how we will feel at 6 months and longer.” ~Gerry Smith

Elton (Parents: Atlantis x Eddie)
Owners: The Ridgways

“I just wanted to let you know how well Elton is doing here in Dubai. He’s been such a joy to have here and he’s become quite the neighborhood celebrity and an important member of our family. He visits the park every day to play with all the neighborhood kids and I can’t get over how gentle and patient he is with everyone he meets. He knows he can wrestle like mad with Mike, but is instantly calm when a toddler wants to hug him. His lovely, kind personality is priceless in a place where a lot of people have never had contact with a dog before. He really is a perfect little ambassador. People have literally stopped their cars in traffic to meet him. He loves to play ball and recently started rollerblading with me. He loves the exercise and behaves very well. He’s been easy to train, and has only had a few accidents when we’ve gotten him too wound up (our bad). His beautiful coat is so soft and doesn’t shed a bit. I was almost sad to have it cut to help him with the heat.” ~Jennifer Ridgway

Milou (Parents: Jada x Sting)
Owners: The Lapierres
Ottawa, ON

“Milou joined our family only 3 weeks ago and we feel like he has been here for years. He is a loving and lively puppy that adjusted to his new family without any problems. When outside, he is a fur ball of energy and he can easily relax in his crate just as well. Only 10 weeks old, he already understands his name and knows to sit for a treat. Thank you so much, Sherry, for choosing such a perfect dog for our family. He is all that we had hoped for and more. Thank you also for being so open to follow-up questions and comments, you obviously care a great deal about breeding high quality dogs and for their well-being.” ~Renee Lapierre

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