Yoshi lbs. – ” tall


62lbs – 22″tall


Luxor is a pup out of Adelyn and Crumpet. We have owned 5 generations of Luxor’s lineage and we have owned his lineage for 17 years (in 2021)! He comes from a long line of stunning, health tested dogs that we have had the opportunity to own personally and evaluate every single one! Luxor’s grandparents are Jacqueena and Duc. Duc is a stunning dog, imported from an award-winning kennel in France. I had the opportunity to visit the kennel and hand-pick him from the litter. Duc’s lines are health-tested over five generations back. This kennel only breeds the best. They also participate in cutting-edge genetic research testing for cancer markers in the breed. This research is so important, and since many of these tests are not available in Canada, we often go overseas when expanding our lines.

Luxor’s grandmother, Jacqueena, is a large, exquisite dog. She was bred at my mother’s kennel, and her parents are Nellar and Dominique. Dominique and Duc are from the same kennel in France. Nellar was also bred at my mother’s kennel – her parents are Veruschka, who was imported from an award-winning kennel in Slovakia, and Daiko, who was imported from Belgium in 2004. I can say I know Luxor’s lines like the back of my hand and he has a long lineage of beautiful dogs inside and out!

Luxor is a magnificent dog! He is all Berner, wrapped in a smaller package, who doesn’t shed! Does it get any better? He is a solid, big boned dude with a blocky head. You can’t tell there is much poodle in him but believe it or not he is half poodle. He gets his looks from his mom but he gets his fun, goofy, adventurous and more outgoing personality from his dad. The best way to describe him is a Bernese looking dog with a poodle personality, if that makes sense?

Luxor is the type of dog that doesn’t let anything stand in his way. He is full of life and he loves to have fun. He has no fear and will check out any object and go up to any person for pets. He is fearless! He wants to play with every dog that comes in his path and give every person a big lick on the face. He is an affectionate dog and loves to show it. He is also an agile dog. I would say the only thing stopping him from being more agile is his Bernese body. Luxor has the best type of personality for an active family that enjoy’s the outdoors and likes to involve their dog. He has produced a few litters of pups and people have been very happy with them.

Apollo 107 lbs. – 25″ tall

Apollo isn’t the tallest Male Bernese at SwissRidge but he has lots of mass to him!
His legs are extremely thick, and he has a massive head. If he was walking in the forest by himself, from the back, he would be mistaken for a Bear.

He looks like a massive teddy bear. He loves to cuddle, laying with his two legs placed on someone’s lap as they scratch his ears!
Out of all the Male Bernese at SwissRidge Apollo is the more reserved one.  Even though he doesn’t look like it I would describe his personality as a little bit wimpy.

He has a soft, gentle and kind personality. With the girls, I always have to AI him because he will never make moves on them, lol! Maybe he has low testosterone. But you can tell he doesn’t want to dominate the girls. He is very respectful towards all the dogs and would rather roll over and submit then get in a conflict with any dog.

He is the type of dog that will give up his toys or bones to any dog that comes by. He will eat last. He is a very patient and calm boy! He is not that active. On hot days in the summer, he would rather relax inside than go for a trail walk. He does overheat very easily in the summer because of is thick coat. He loves the snow and in the winter, he seems to have more energy and wants to go on walks.

He can be goofy and silly at times but for the most part he is more reserved, calm and a dog who likes to chill. See the video below to get a feel for his personality!





Mr. Daniels
25lbs. – 16.5″ tall

Mr. Daniels is an Australian Labradoodle (ALD). He is from our own lines, his parents are Kahlua and Levi. Not only is he from outstanding lines (both health and personality) but his coloring is amazing and it’s always something that is commented on or turning heads!

Mr. Daniels not only has a striking coat but a striking personality. He is incredibly loving and affectionate. He will look up at you with the sweetest and kindest eyes until you have no choice but to bend down and pet him. Mr. Daniels loves people. He will often choose to be with anyone who is around instead of off playing with the other dogs. He just wants you to love him and it is not hard to do so. He is adventurous and definitely not shy, going bravely into any situation and running up to anyone he meets.

He is incredibly smart. He learned his commands from the trainer that he was living with very quickly and listened intently in all situations. She would always rave about how much she loved him and how good he was. He loves to go for walks and will never wander far from our sides. Whether it be just down the road or a hike through the forest, he just loves to be out and about. Whenever we take him to the lake he will quickly run full speed to roll in the dirt by the shore. He loves to get dirty and loves to be one with nature!

He has great manners and loves all the dogs in the kennel. His best friend and bodyguard in the kennel is Teddy. It is so cute to see what a great connection these two have!

Mr. Daniels recently passed all his health clearances and has been promoted, on a trial basis, as a stud at SwissRidge. I’m looking forward to seeing what the puppies are like he produces. I’m sure they will be nothing short of amazing if he produces puppies anything like Levi and Kahlua!


110lbs. – 26″

Romeo AKA Hugo is an amazing, strong, solid and stunning Bernese. The head, body, coat and structure of Hugo is unbelievable! I feel very blessed to have him as part of our breeding program. We search high and low for the best pedigree, temperaments and looks in our dogs and Hugo has all of this. He is a European import. His pedigree is stacked full of Champions including not one, but two Crufts Champions (Best of Breed) in his 3 generation pedigree. From what we have researched he has over 4 generations (most likely more) of hip cleared parents (all scoring A or B) on their hip testing (these are European scores). It would be hard to find a more stacked pedigree then this with Cruft (BOB)Champions and good hip scores. Not only does he have a stacked pedigree his personality is just as perfect! Hugo is such a goof and keeps us laughing all day long. He has so much character and charisma. He lights up a room with his huge personality. You cant help but be in Awe when you are in his presence. Everything about him from his looks to personality is very captivating. He always has a smile on his face, is always happy, loves every dog and person and wants to interact with everyone he meets. His tail is always wagging, and he has so much love to give. He is super affectionate and enjoys sitting in our laps (all 110lbs) of him for cuddles. He is a social butterfly which is very important to look for as many lines of bernese can have a skittish part to their personality. He is also super smart and pickups on things very quickly. He loves to go on off leash walks. Sticks close to our side and never wonders too far. He is athletic, fit and loves exercise, but he is also super calm and can relax during down time. His personality is perfect in everyway. Anyone could own Hugo and this is what I look for in my breeding dogs. He is exceptional in every way! Im excited to introduce this big, amazing, goofy bear as the newest Bernese Stud!!!!

23 lbs. – 19″ tall

Gimli is a mini poodle but he is on the slightly larger side for a mini. He should produce large mini’s (in the weight range of 40-55lbs) when bred to a bernese.

Gimli is a sweet, kind, gentle, loving soul. His personality is more quiet and laid back. He doesn’t like a lot of action and prefers a quite environment. He loves playing with small dogs but doesn’t like hyper, active, large dogs as they can make him nervous. He prefers relaxing, gentle play and a quite environment. He has a soft and loving personality he adores people he knows but it can take him a few minuets to warm up to a stranger.

Gimli is a submissive boy and will stand down to any dog in the kennel which makes him very easy to get long with. His best friend his Jackson. Jackson has a more outgoing personality which is nice because it helps bring Gimli to life in certain situations.

Gimli enjoys playing in the yard during the day and going for off leash trail walks.

Sir Henry 78 lbs. – 25″ tall

Sir Henry is an English golden retriever who was imported from Germany at the age of five, and didn’t understand a word of English when he arrived! Luckily, he is very smart and quickly learned the basic commands. He arrived with many European Championship titles, and the paperwork to prove it!

He has a strong, stocky build that is highly favored in this European breed. In other words, he’s the perfect big, huggable, and adventurous dog! He is very agile for a golden and loves to run around in the open fields. Henry is the ideal companion and likes to spend every waking moment of his day with you. He plays well with other dogs due to his sweet and submissive temperament. He doesn’t care about being top dog; he just wants everyone to have a good time. This love bug will sneak in pats and kisses whenever you let him. He has so much to offer that there really isn’t anything I wouldn’t want to see passed down to his adorable offspring!

My kennel manager fell head over heels in love with him and has fostered him. He lives on a large farm with other dogs and horses, whom he gets along with very well. He comes back to the kennel and visits every once in a while or when it’s time for him to become a daddy again.

110lbs – 26″

Inspiration was imported into Canada from Europe in 2017. He soon acquired the name Teddy for is adorable, loving, sweet, affectionate nature. Not only does he cuddle like a Teddy bear he looks like one to. Teddy came straight off the plane after a 8 hour hull and fit instantly into our SwissRidge pack. He gets along with all the dogs whether they are male or female, old or young, and dogs of any personality type. He even gets along with intact males. He reminds me of “The King of the Jungle”. All the other dogs looks up to him, respects him and adore him more then anything. He has such a magnificent presence about him. The best words to describe him are kind, loving, affectionate, loyal, extremely calm and docile, friendly to everyone he meets, social and breathtaking. I have met a lot of Bernese in my 20 years of breeding them and this guy is very special. I don’t know how I got so lucky with him?!
His best trait is he loves to show his affection to everyone he meets with a giant bear hug. He will wrap his legs around your waist and hang on while you gentle stroke his head.
Teddy comes from impeccable lines. He has many Champions throughout his pedigree and over 5 generations back of health tested ancestry.
Teddy is going to produce the most spectacular bernedoodles and I look forward to sharing his pups with the world!

Bosco 38 lbs – 23” tall

Bosco is a handsome standard poodle who we imported from Arizona. He has proven himself to be a great addition to our program with a very laid-back, gentle, and calm personality.

Because Bosco was one of the more quiet and submissive dogs at the kennel, we spent a lot of time socializing him when he was a puppy to ensure he would come out of his shell. He has developed into a dog that loves everyone’s company, even strangers! He is very affectionate and his tail wags as soon as he sees someone approaching. He still has that very soft and gentle nature about him and I’m so happy that he has matured into such a stunning and well-behaved dog. He is such a tender soul who doesn’t have a mean bone in his body! He responds best to a gentle training style, enjoys endless cuddles from people, and loves to play with his canine companions.

Axel 31 lbs. – 19″ tall

Axel is a stunning dog, bred from Willow and Levi. I knew from the moment he was eight weeks old that he had so much potential. Knowing he would add a lot to my breeding program, I decided to keep him for myself.

Willow’s lines go back to Ginger – one of my oldest and most beloved golden retrievers. Ginger passed away in May 2015 at the age of 17. It was heartbreaking to lose a dog who meant so much to me and to the SwissRidge family, but I’m thankful to have had her for 17 amazing years. I’m so lucky to still be able to share a part of her through Axel.

A SwissRidge Doodle has several generations of my lines bred into them. I know this lineage like the back of my hand. They are a mix between my favorite breeds that I believe make the best family dogs. My clients can’t stop praising this breed for their affection, intelligence, and balanced energy level.

Axel is very smart, affectionate, and energetic. He loves to run and play fetch, but also loves to lounge at the cottage with his foster family. He makes everyone laugh every day. He is quite the character! You can often find him lying on his back in his “SwissRidge Doodle pose.” He is the best furry companion that anyone could ask for. He aims to please, and is so much fun to be around. He is known around the neighborhood as a teddy bear and his adoptive family are often stopped on their walks and asked what type of dog he is and where we got him! He has been trained off-leash and has completed intensive training with Lucas Mucha.

Axel thoroughly enjoys life and is out to have fun in anything he does. I think we can learn so much from how he interacts with other dogs and people. He is a real blessing to my breeding program and I’m so excited to share his amazing personality and beauty with all my clients. Axel is currently living with a foster family, but will come back to SwissRidge when it’s time to breed.

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