Wookie 20 lbs. – 15.5″ tall

Wookie is an Australian labradoodle (ALD). He is from a good friend of mine who breeds ALDs. I really lucked out with this boy!

Wookie and I have a very special connection and an unbreakable bond. When we go for our walks, the other dogs will be frolicking in the field, but Wookie never leaves my side. If I walk the other way, he is sure to follow, never letting me out of his sight. When we come back from a walk, he will jump on the wooden bench I have by the front door, and patiently wait for his hugs, cuddles, and kisses.

He loves sitting on my lap while gazing up at my face adoringly before smothering me with kisses. He is a very affectionate boy and loves his adoptive sisters Zepplin and Kahlua, who have very similar personalities to his. When we take walks, they surround me like my personal bodyguards! They play together on a daily basis, but Wookie prefers the company of people to dogs. He loves to give and receive affection and is like a person in a fur coat. He has such amazing qualities and I feel like he truly understands me. His face lights up with joy when he sees me, and then he does these excitable zoomies where he runs back and forth a few times before jumping into my lap. He has a very intuitive personality and just understands how you are feeling at all times. I see this trait in a few of my dogs and Wookie is definitely one of them. He is a true gentleman and makes you know that you are loved.

Gus 25 lbs. – 16″ tall

Gus is a handsome miniature golden mountain doodle from Charlie and Rex – both of whom are retired. Both Charlie and Rex were bred at SwissRidge and Gus is part of the third generation of beautiful dogs we’ve brought to the world. Charlie’s parents are Chablis and Elvis and Rex’s parents are Sheena and Pickle.

Gus currently lives with his foster family in Beaverton, Ontario, and comes back to SwissRidge when we need to use him for stud. His family gives this description of him: “He is such a beautiful, content dog. He is very quiet, calm, and obedient at home – simply use a hand signal and he will sit, lie down, or stay. He is very well behaved for such a young dog and he can quickly assess the situation and adjust his energy level accordingly. He loves going for a walk in the back fields, and will run around with us, actually leaping through the long grasses so that he has better visibility. When we encourage him on, he goes faster and faster. It’s so funny to watch! In contrast, he also enjoys lying on the front porch, watching the world go by.”

Sir Henry 78 lbs. – 25″ tall

Sir Henry is an English golden retriever who was imported from Germany at the age of five, and didn’t understand a word of English when he arrived! Luckily, he is very smart and quickly learned the basic commands. He arrived with many European Championship titles, and the paperwork to prove it!

He has a strong, stocky build that is highly favored in this European breed. In other words, he’s the perfect big, huggable, and adventurous dog! He is very agile for a golden and loves to run around in the open fields. Henry is the ideal companion and likes to spend every waking moment of his day with you. He plays well with other dogs due to his sweet and submissive temperament. He doesn’t care about being top dog; he just wants everyone to have a good time. This love bug will sneak in pats and kisses whenever you let him. He has so much to offer that there really isn’t anything I wouldn’t want to see passed down to his adorable offspring!

My kennel manager fell head over heels in love with him and has fostered him. He lives on a large farm with other dogs and horses, whom he gets along with very well. He comes back to the kennel and visits every once in a while or when it’s time for him to become a daddy again.

Monty 96 lbs. – 22″ tall

Monty is a handsome English golden retriever imported from Spain. He is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect golden retriever in every way. I really lucked out with him!

I spent a long time searching for the perfect male to add to my breeding program. I was looking for lines with great temperaments, health, and beauty, checking hip scores and making sure the pedigree was clear of hip dysplasia. I finally found a breeder that met my standards, only I had to wait almost a year for one of their stunning puppies!

In May 2006, I traveled to Spain to pick up Monty. His uncle Lucky Man is a Spanish champion, which is nearly impossible to achieve, as only two dogs a year are awarded this prestigious title. Monty’s dad was also the Top Winning Dog in 2004 in Spain and Monty succeeded in winning a Canadian Championship title of his very own.

I have been so blessed to share the past decade with this beautiful boy. He has brought us so much joy and happiness with his loving, silly personality. He is so easy-going, and nothing really seems to phase him. He goes with the flow and lives in the moment, but loves every moment. He loves adventure and is content in just about any situation you throw his way.

Monty is over ten years old now, and has produced many offspring. And he’s still going strong! The only time he sees the vet is during routine vaccinations and checkups. His offspring typically have very large heads and large bones and look like little polar bears. His puppies have a superb temperament: fun, playful, loving, gentle, and smart. If you are looking for English golden retriever puppies or English goldendoodle puppies, you will not be disappointed with this lineage!

Mogley 85 lbs. – 27″ tall

Mogley is the most delightful, social, playful, affectionate dog wrapped up in a big, silly body. He is currently living with a good friend of mine and another SwissRidge doodle they adopted some time ago. They have nothing but great things to say about Mogley! He is a perfect fit for their family, enjoying both city and cottage life. Mogley loves being outdoors and joins his family in many fun outdoor activities. He loves meeting new people and new dogs, and happily greets everyone with a wagging tail. Whenever he comes to the kennel for a visit, he greets me with a big hug! Mogley not only has the most awesome personality, but he is also a stunning dog. The puppies that he has produced have mirrored his good looks and phenomenal personality!

Loki 13 lbs. – 12″ tall

Loki is a miniature poodle, and the Casanova of the kennel! He is just adorable and loves to snuggle and give kisses all the time…a real charmer!

Although playful and social, he’s also very laid-back and gentle. He is so quiet, it is easy to forget he is even in the room. He truly doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and will let all the other dogs walk over him. I’m always telling him he has to stick up for himself, but he just doesn’t have it in him. Any family could raise this little guy as he is such an easy dog to get along with and train. Loki may be small in stature, but he’s huge in character and heart.

As a puppy, Loki spent a lot of time with Dizzy, and I’m delighted that he picked up some of Dizzy’s best traits. They even have a similar look. Nowadays, his best friends are Sting, Crumpet, and Levi. That’s right…four intact males together just proves how amazing their temperaments really are!

Loki hasn’t been used very often in my program, but he certainly has a lot of promise! The few litters he has produced are filled with beautiful, happy, and outgoing puppies.

Hendrix 59 lbs. – 24.5″ tall

This boy amazes me! He takes my breath away every time I look at him. He is one of the most well-built poodles I’ve ever seen. Since he is stocky, he is perfect to breed with my retrievers and Bernese. He has a beautiful head and a shorter muzzle, giving me stunning puppies time and time again. Each pup consistently has a short muzzle, a stocky build, and a beautiful, luscious coat. Not only is his body structure so well proportioned, but he also has a striking red and white coat. His personality is phenomenal, and he is not as hyper as many poodles tend to be. This boy is so laid-back. He loves to have fun and play with the other dogs, but he has such a docile, calm, and gentle nature that I just love!

Hendrix really has it all – from amazing bloodlines that are cleared of genetic disease, to looks, color, and personality. I really scored big with this handsome boy!

Hanky 28 lbs. – 18.5″ tall

Hanky is a handsome small standard poodle.

I have always had a difficult time finding poodles from breeders that I would want to add into my breeding program. I seek puppies whose parents have been health-tested for generations, who are well tempered, and who possess the look and structure that are important to better my breeding program. Meeting all of these criteria has been a difficult task. Whenever I thought I found the perfect addition, there was usually a reason I couldn’t add them – either the puppy didn’t pass my strict health testing, their temperament wasn’t just right, or they didn’t grow up to be what I expected. Some may say I’m a bit too selective when adding dogs to my program. I raise a lot of dogs, but only a few actually make the cut.

I finally decided to breed a litter of poodles for myself, keep and raise the puppies, and choose the top dogs out of that litter to breed. I bred two of my most prized poodles – who have everything I look for and love about the poodle breed. It was a great success. I hand-picked some of those pups to raise, one of whom is Hanky. I’m happy to announce that all of the pups passed their hip, elbow, heart, eyes, DM and vWD testing, which goes to prove how wonderful these lines truly are!

Hanky is a black and white poodle with a beautiful, shiny coat and extraordinary markings. He has a soft, loving, and gentle personality – the softest, quietest, and most sensitive of all his littermates. He is the one who sits back and observes, never wanting to be center stage.

A SwissRidge employee once slipped and fell, and before she could even get up on two feet, Hanky was at her side, patting her face with a gentle paw until she opened her eyes. He then lay there next to her, gently licking her face. He has such a loving nature about him that it’s no surprise that he’s an amazing caretaker, always making sure that everyone is okay. He loves to cuddle and be by your side, but he also loves to romp around with his siblings. He loves to explore nature and observe everything going on around him. He walks directly beside me and really makes our walks so enjoyable. I’m so excited to share his gentle spirit with dog lovers everywhere!

Dizzy 12 lbs. – 11″ tall

Dizzy is my little man, and the king of SwissRidge Kennels. My partner Lucas and I consider him our canine son. My parents also treat their “grand-dog” to birthday and Christmas presents! As breeders, we shouldn’t play favorites, and I never did until Dizzy came along. He broke all the rules and we love him with every ounce of our beings.

For a small dog, Dizzy is just bursting with personality. He is so goofy, fun, and loving…very much a human in a fur coat! We call him our snuggle bunny because he loves to cuddle, always wanting to have physical contact with us at all times when he sleeps. He is so trusting that he often falls asleep on his back in our laps, with his legs outstretched. If I’m working at the computer, he’s either on my lap or right beside me with his paw touching my leg or he is using my foot as a pillow. He has a very intense gaze, and will stare into my eyes for minutes at a time. It’s as if he’s studying us and trying to figure out how he could make us even happier. He couldn’t – he’s perfect! I observe him as well, trying to determine the source of his magic. I’ve known thousands of dogs and there is something so special about this little guy. He has totally captured my heart.

He does yoga poses and “I love you” stretches in front of us all the time. If we make a kissing noise, he will race to the couch for a snuggle session, so excited he can hardly contain himself! He also has a distinctive little Dizzy Dance when he wants to be fed, picked up, or cuddled. Obviously this boy is a bit spoiled. It’s inevitable when he spends so much time with us. He has traveled all over North America as our little sidekick. He’s fantastic in the car, and will sleep for the majority of the 24-hour drive to Florida. He’s also great on the plane – better than most passengers!

The day when he passed all his health clearances, I did a little Dizzy Dance myself! I am so excited to share his genes with other dog lovers. He has already proven himself by producing some amazing puppies who have captured many hearts the way Dizzy has captured ours.

Davinci 49 lbs. – 24.5″ tall

Davinci is one of our handsome standard poodles. I acquired him from the same breeder as Bosco (retired) and Sedona. I’ve been very happy with the dogs I have purchased from this breeder to date.

Davinci knows he’s handsome, and is happy to strut his stuff! I like to say he’s like a tall glass of water because he’s so refreshing to be around. He will bound through the fields during playtime and it’s so funny to watch him jumping over all the tall clovers in the hay field. He brings a smile to everyone’s faces. He is such an easy dog to get along with and is extremely loving. He has the sweetest temperament and will do anything to be on your lap receiving affection. He’s very smart and easy to train, learning commands quickly. He dazzles us all with his big grin and beautiful coat. You really can’t help but giggle when you walk past this guy and he jumps four feet in the air just to say hello! Davinci truly has a spring in his step. Dorito is his best friend and is equally as bouncy – these two are hilarious to watch together.

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