Benny 25 lbs. – 15″ tall

Benny is a SwissRidge Doodle out of Lucy and Mcgregor. He lived with his trainer for the first year of his life and this is how is trainer describes him.

Benny is the most charming SwissRidge Doodle! He is sweet, loving, affectionate, loyal, quirky and oh so loveable.

He forever radiates happiness and pure joy.  He is delighted for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in life – waking up in the morning, getting a hug, giving a hug, receiving a treat, belly rubs or going for a walk – Benny is thrilled with it all!

Even his walk oozes happiness! He prances so cheerfully and elegantly, as if he is walking on air. It’s not a surprise that he turns heads on our walks. He has become a fan favourite in my neighborhood.

Benny will do anything that I ask of him, no treat involved! He simply wants to please and interact – relationships are of the utmost importance to him. I so love this about him! This is why he has stolen a piece of my heart.

Benny also entertains. He went through a phase where he was creating music with his voice and a squeaky chicken. He would do this in his crate while relaxing. He would squeeze the chicken to make it squeak several times, then pause so that he could vocalize the most adorable little howls I had ever heard. He would go back and forth between the chicken and the howls several times, and once he appeared to be satisfied with his musical session, he would stop and proceed with enjoying his dental stick that he had set aside prior to his creative session.

Benny has been an incredibly sweet addition to my household for a wonderful year. He has loved and entertained me from the first moment I brought him home. I may be a bit biased here, but I think that he is the perfect Swissridge stud – gorgeous, smart, bubbly, delightful, friendly and loyal! All qualities that I know will be much appreciated by the Swissridge community.

SwissRidge SwissRidge Doodle

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