7 lbs. – 11″ tall

Nemo is the most adorable little guy who you just want to wrap up, stick in your purse and bring everywhere you go. He is so small that he could fit in most purses! His endearing appearance is matched only by his charming personality, making him irresistible to everyone who meets him. With a heart as sweet as his name suggests, Nemo brings smiles to the faces of everyone fortunate enough to cross his path.
One of Nemo’s best traits is his perfect blend of love and cheekiness. He has mastered the art of capturing hearts with his playful antics and affectionate demeanor. Whether he’s charming you with those soulful puppy eyes or engaging in a mischievous game, Nemo has a way of making every moment special.
Nemo loves to cuddle. He will cuddle with anyone that happens to be close to him, his owner, a stranger or even a new child that he has never met. He adores all people big and small but gravitates towards children. I think because they are more his size and also match his personality which is fun, energetic and playful.
He is a very intuitive little guy, and not only does he love to cuddle but he seems to know who is in most need of cuddles. If it is someone who may feel sad or ill, he is the type of dog that will lay by your side until you feel better.
Beyond his cozy cuddles, Nemo is a spirted pup who loves to play. He is always ready for the next adventure. He may only be 7lbs, but he has no issues keeping up with the big boys and can run laps around them. He leaps into the air like a kangaroo and can easily spring up 5’ to catch a ball that I hold up to eye level. He goes on off leash trail walks and doesn’t seem to get tired or need to be carried. His little legs can keep up with the big dogs with no issues.
Nemo’s magnetic personality makes him the center of attention wherever he goes, everyone that works at the kennel adores him as he is so easy to love on and he melts into your arms when you carry him around. Nemo adores children. His best friends are children who he plays with frequently and he keeps entertained for hours on end. He is a very patient dog and loves to be pampered, pet and played with by them.
All around Nemo has an amazing and charming personality. He has the type of personality that most families would long for in a family companion. I’m looking forward to sharing his off-spring with families around the globe!





Ford 43lbs. – ” tall

Info coming soon!

Mochi 13lbs. – 11.5″ tall

Mochi is a toy poodle who was imported from Europe at 16 weeks of age.
He came from a world-famous show kennel and his pedigree is full of champions including both parents. His mother “Elegant Beauty” (picture seen above) earned many titles including; CH RUS, JCH RUS, 2 x CH RKF, CH Eurasia and his father “Rambutan” (picture seen above) is also a champion and earned the titles; CH RUS, JCH RUS, 2 x CH RKF, CH Eurasia.
His lines are nothing short of amazing and when it comes to confirmations they are everything we look for in toy poodles. He has also passed all the vigorous health testing I put all my dogs through before they enter our breeding program, which shows he is not only stunning but also very healthy. This boy has it all!
He doesn’t fall short when it comes to personality either.
Mochi is the definition of a love bug. He would love nothing more than being carried around and loved on all day. When given the chance he likes to curl up and sleep in your lap. Although he would likely thrive in any home environment, he would be the perfect fit for an older couple who is home all day and has the time to sit and snuggle with him on the couch. Mochi has a calm, loving and docile personality. This paired with his love for snuggles would make him a great candidate as a therapy dog. He is more than happy to sit and receive love for hours on end, this along with the fact he is adorably cute makes him a dream dog! Mochi is so sweet, when holding him he will put his head sideways into your neck almost like he is giving you a hug. He just loves to be close and feel the warmth of a human on his fur. He is very trusting of his people and will always show you that with kisses and affection. Since arriving at the kennel Mochi and Hammy have formed a very strong relationship. They actually came from the same breeder in Europe, and it seems like somehow they know this. Mochi and Hammy have a big brother little brother relationship. Mochi is calmer/reserved and submits to any dog, he doesn’t really stick up for himself. He looks up to Hammy like a big brother and relies on his confidence to get him through certain situations. Mochi always lets Hammy take the lead and will happily follow behind. In the kennel, Mochi lives with Hammy and Bodhi. He can usually be found snuggled up on top of Bodhi. He adores all dogs as much as he loves people.
All in all Mochi is a very sweet boy with a heart that’s bursting with love. He is calm and very easy to be around. I’m excited to share his wonderful personality with families around the globe!

Hammy 8.5lbs. – 12″ tall

Hammy is a stunning toy poodle who was imported from Europe. He was bred by one of the most impressive Toy Poodle breeders! I have a few dogs from this breeder, and I have been nothing but impressed with the quality of her dogs and the quality of pups that they produce!
Hammy’s lines are full of Champions on both his mother and father’s side. His father is JCH Russia, CH Russia, RKF, Eurasia, Champion of the breed “Golden Collar” 2016, 2017,2019. Pictures of his father are attached in the slider so you can get a sense of the lines he comes from and how well bred he is.
Not only is Hammy a well bred and stunning poodle, but he is also healthy, has passed all his health clearances (see attached) and he has the most amazing temperament.
He is not your typical Toy Poodle which is usually described as hyper and yappy. Hammy is the opposite. He is quiet, sweet, affectionate, cuddly, calm and loves to snuggle up in our laps for lots of love.
Hammy has the sweetest personality you will ever meet. He is amazing with all the other kennel dogs and adores all people. He has a sensitive side and will always submit to all the other dogs. He doesn’t like any sort of confrontation. He will gently give up his toys to both dogs and humans and is always the last dog to eat in his group. He is very patient. He loves to give kisses both to humans and all his dog friends. He is the type of dog that wants to be everyone’s friend. He loves belly rubs and loves to go for off leash walks. He does play around with the other dogs but would much prefer to snuggle with his humans. He doesn’t love the snow or to get his feet dirty. He loves to stay clean; he loves his baths and soaks up every ounce of attention from the groomer during his 4-week trims! Cuddle time and groom time are his favorite.
In general, Hammy has an extremely sweet personality. He has a very balanced temperament. He is everything I love to see in my breeding dogs. I’m excited to share his personality traits with owners of his pups!

Jimmy Choo
61lbs. – 26″tall

Jimmy Choo is a very tall and regal standard poodle. He would be known to those in the poodle community as a Royal poodle because he is greater than 25″ tall at the wither. He has legs for days! He is one of the tallest poodles at SwissRidge. When bred to a Bernese he produces very large Bernedoodles. His puppies usually have his height and the Bernese thickness, this makes for a very large dogs and most of the time larger than both parents.

Jimmy was bred in the US and was imported into Canada at 8 weeks of age.

He has grown into a magnificent and stunning dog and I couldn’t be happier with this boy! 

Jimmy has a typical poodle personality. Jimmy is a very playful, loving poodle with a heart of gold. He loves to cuddle, loves to bounce, loves to play with toys and his friends! He is full of life, happy and has energy when we go on our trail walks but he is not a hyper dog. During the day he lay’s around the kennel and relaxes. One thing I love about him that is different then a lot of poodles, is poodles are typically more vocal, Jimmy rarely barks. He is a quiet dog by nature. This part of his personality and his gentle nature reminds me of a Bernese, everything else about him is all poodle.

Jimmy loves his friends. We don’t allow our girl and boy dogs to mix so there are no accidental breeding’s. All his friends are intact males and he gets along with every single one from the toy poodle Sting, to his partner in Crime Henry. He loves all the boy equally. If I had to pick his beasties in the kennel they would be Henry, followed by Jackson and Gimli. They have their little playgroup and their personalities mesh very well!

Jimmy absolutely loves to go on off-leash pack walks with the boys. His favourite thing to do on our walks is to stretch his long legs by running as fast has he can through the fields as he leaps over the grass! 

This boy literally turns heads as he passes people with his model like legs, bubbly personality and forward moving prance. He has a happy, sweet and go lucky personality.

I would say the best words to describe him are happy, sweet and regal. A real head turner!

12 lbs. – 10″ tall

I call Milo my baby Sting. He looks and acts so much like him just a younger version. Milo is a fun, energetic, happy boy who has a vest for life.

I purchased Milo with this brother Otis and they have been inseparable since the day they where born. They do everything together and have a very strong bond. They keep themselves entertained for hours chasing a ball or each other, rolling and wrestling with brotherly love. They are a riot to watch play.

Milo loves everyone he meets. His tail is constantly wagging and he has a very inviting presence to his personality. Anyone that meets him can’t help but be drawn to his charm and good looks. He is very friendly and gets along with all the other dogs, even though he is a intact male.

I’m excited to announce he has passed all his health clearances and has started his career as a professional stud at SwissRidge! He has sired some beautiful litters so far. I’m thrilled with his puppies. They are making families around the world very happy!


10 lbs. – 9″ tall

Otis is a gentle, loving, sweet soul. I received him and his brother Milo at 12 weeks of age. They have been together since birth and are inseparable. Anywhere one goes the other is close behind. It is adorable to watch their bond and see how much they love each other.

Otis is the smaller of the two. He is also the more reserved and gentle one. He looks up to his bigger brother, learns from him, mimics him and follows his every move. Otis is the one who loves to cuddle and be held. He will cuddle in your arms and gaze into your eye for however long you will hold him. We call him the snuggle bug. He is just the right size to take almost anywhere. He has a very gentle, calm, soft and submissive personality. His personality is very unique as most mini poodles are much more outgoing. I love everything about this boy from his  structure to his gentle personality. I can’t wait to see what type of puppies he produces!

Grommet 41.5 lbs. – 23″ tall


Grommet is a handsome small standard poodle.
I have always had a difficult time finding poodles from breeders that I would want to add into my breeding program. I seek puppies whose parents have been health-tested for generations, who are well tempered, and who possess the look and structure that are important to better my breeding program. Meeting all of these criteria has been a difficult task. Whenever I thought I found the perfect addition, there was usually a reason I couldn’t add them – either the puppy didn’t pass my strict health testing, their temperament wasn’t just right, or they didn’t grow up to be what I expected. Some may say I’m a bit too selective when adding dogs to my program. I raise a lot of dogs, but only a few actually make the cut.

I finally decided to breed a litter of poodles for myself, keep and raise the puppies, and choose the top dogs out of that litter to breed. I bred two of my most prized poodles – who have everything I look for and love about the poodle breed. It was a great success. I hand-picked some of those pups to raise, one of whom is Grommet.

Grommet is the biggest poodle of all his littermates, which suits his big personality well. He is bursting with kindness, a good sense of humour, and good looks. As a tri phantom, he is envied by many. Grommet gets along with everyone, but enjoys the company of his brother Hershey the most. These boys love to wrestle, always trying to outdo each other in strength with lengthy games of tug of war. When spending time with Grommet one on one, you get to see his softer side where he anticipates your every move. He carries out commands exceptionally well, and he listens very well under distraction. He never backs down from a challenge and is always keen to seek out the next adventure, whether it’s hiking, swimming, or being the first to get the ball. His fun and playful personality is one I want to see in every one of my doodles. I can’t wait to share his amazing personality with dog lovers everywhere!

Crumpet 24 lbs. – 15″ tall

Crumpet is one of my finest miniature poodles. I am honored to have him as part of my breeding program. As I’ve mentioned before, finding quality poodles is not an easy task. I’ve raised so many that didn’t make the cut into my program, but Crumpet exceeded all of my expectations. Not only is he a handsome, healthy little guy, but his temperament is also phenomenal! He produces amazing puppies time and time again, making clients happy all over the globe.

Before she passed at the age of 13, our resident cane corso, Maude, was Crumpet’s best friend. Long since retired from breeding, Maude kindly agreed to take on the role of raising Crumpet. A very calm and balanced dog, Maude was a great influence on Crumpet’s development and was quite proud of him. It was fun to watch them prance around the yard together, my miniature poodle following the big cane corso’s every move. They shared a bed and were always touching. Since Maude’s passing, Crumpet has found two new buddies – my other male poodles, Sting and Loki. You read that correctly…three intact male poodles living together in harmony! It sounds like a fairy tale and I would never believe it if I didn’t witness it myself, but it proves how amazing their personalities really are. I can even throw Levi into the mix and they all play together like best friends! It’s simply amazing!

Crumpet is very self-assured, never having issues with other dogs. He is the best friend to just about anyone he meets, but has no problem bowing down to a more dominant dog. He loves people and loves to be petted, but also has an independent side to him. Since he’s proven his ability to produce such amazing puppies, I decided to breed him to Coco to sire puppies specifically for my breeding program. It’s very difficult to find flawless poodles, and I feel like Crumpet and Coco are just about as close as you can get! I’m so excited whenever Crumpet has a new litter because I know there are going to be some very happy families out there with amazing new puppies!

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