29 lbs. – 18″ tall

Jackson is an Australian Labradoodle (ALD). He is from a very well respected Australian Labradoodle breeder in the US. We hand picked Jackson out of a litter of 6 and flew him back to Canada with us! Jackson stole a few hearts on that fligh. Jackson is related to Levi in that Jackson grandfather is Levi’s father. I have always been thrilled with every litter Levi produces and I’m happy to have his prodigy!

Jackson is an active, happy, loyal, fun-loving dog! He loves everyone and is a huge goof ball. He has energy and drive which is good for training. He is very engaged when it comes to training, is focused and you can teach him anything because he is not lazy to work. He loves his off leash runs through the fields of our property. He has a really great energy because he is an active dog but when he comes inside he can relax. This is what I love to see in all my dogs. He gets along with all the dogs in the kennel, even all the other intact male dogs.

His favorite past time is to find a puddle and sit in the middle of it, which isn’t the best quality when we are trying to keep him clean. He loves to blow air in our ear. We call it story time because it is like he is whispering stories in our ear.

Jackson is a stunning pup with the cutest face, beautiful coat and well proportioned frame. His color is stunning! The puppies that he has produced I have been thrilled with and I’m hoping he will follow in Levi’s footsteps in producing health, beautiful puppies with great personalities!

PLEASE NOTE: when Jackson is bred to a Bernese his pups are typically very solid, stocky and most have a Bernese build. They are typically bigger then Levi’s puppies. They usually range in weight from 45-75lbs. Most being in the 55-65lbs weight range.

Levi 17 lbs. – 14.5″ tall

Levi is the first Australian labradoodle (ALD) I have ever owned. An ALD is a cross between a poodle, cocker spaniel, and Labrador retriever, and they come in a range of sizes and colors. Australian labradoodles can be registered through the Australian Labradoodle Association of America.

I have been interested in adding an ALD to my lines for some time, but I first had to find the right dog. I searched high and low for a dog with Levi’s characteristics. I finally found him from one of the top ALD breeders in North America. His pedigree is solid and has numerous generations of health-tested parents.

Levi is a handsome boy with a soft, fleecy non-shedding coat that is prized in ALDs. His temperament is similar to a goldendoodle, which is probably why I like him so much! He’s exceptionally well behaved, intelligent, and eager to please. He has a beautiful spirit and brings an amazing light to every situation. Curious and spunky, he loves nothing more than being carried around and cuddled. He loves playing with his puppies and is always delighted to meet anyone who comes to pick up one of his pups.

It’s not much of a surprise, but Levi adores all the females in the kennel. What is surprising to me is that he gets along so well with all the other intact males! Levi, Sting, Crumpet, and Loki run together in a happy little pack. This just proves that it pays off to put the time into finding the right dogs with the right temperaments.

Levi is now siring Australian bernedoodles, which are a cross between an Australian labradoodle and a Bernese mountain dog. Levi is one of my star studs! I know exactly what he produces time after time. There are no surprises with his pups. He has produced many truly stunning puppies that make amazing family dogs for every type of household. My clients adore his pups and always give rave reviews when it comes to the puppies he produces.

Bones 28 lbs. – 16.5″ tall

Bones is an adorable little guy! He is from an outstanding Australian labradoodle breeder who breeds to the best standards possible. His parents have impeccable genetics, and these lines have been genetically health-tested over many generations.

Bones was my first choice out of this litter and I couldn’t be happier with him. His coat color has stayed a deep, rich chocolate, which is rare, since many doodles with the chocolate coat color fade into mocha or even grey. I look forward to having pups with non-fading coats within his lines.

He has a beautiful structure and an even more beautiful face. His muzzle is short and stocky, and he has a broad head shape. He is full of life and charisma. He loves to play chase, fetch, and wrestle with all his buddies. He especially loves his toys. I’ll throw his favorite toy in the air and he will run after it full speed while sliding across the floor to catch it and then tackle it to the ground. Everything is a game to him. He loves other dogs, but his favorite playmates are Christmas and Cedar. He adores people and wants to jump into everyone’s lap to receive all the love and attention he can. Bones never runs out of kisses to give us. He is such a happy, loving, affectionate, and playful little guy and I look forward to sharing his remarkable personality through his puppies.

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