57 lbs. – 24″ tall

Henley was bred at SwissRidge kennels. Her parents are Leida and Nelson.
Henley has a very relaxed, calm, and gentle personality. She is one of those dogs that just knows what we expect of her and does it. She is not a stubborn or rambunctious dog. She has that type of personality that always wants to please us no matter what it takes! She is a very well-mannered pup and is always on her best behaviour. Even though she is still young she acts like an old soul. We have used her many times to help teach our younger pups in the kennel how to be well behaved. There is someone very special about her that I like imprinted on my other puppies and I like that her energy is able to rub off on my other dogs. She is a fantastic puppy raiser!

Henley has a cuddly personality. She loves to be with people, and she loves affection.

Henley is a quiet dog. I rarely ever hear or bark. She loves to play with the other dogs and loves to go on walks, but she is not a hyper dog and would rather chill and cuddle. Even on our walks she runs up ahead and then lays down and relaxes as we catch up to her.

Henley would make a wonderful therapy dog and I see all the traits in her personality that would excel at therapy dog work.

The best words to describe Henley are smart, intuitive, kind, loving, gentle with a great energy about her.


Binky Boo 23 lbs. – 14″ tall

Binky boo is a mini Goldendoodle out of Aria and Sting. Binky was bred and raised at SwissRidge. We also owned her grandparents (Aria’s parents) Monty and Ebony. Monty became a Canadian Champion very quickly. Every judge that saw him was impressed with this amazing gem that I had found half way across the world! I imported Monty directly from Spain. He is out of some of the most sought after retriever lines around the world! Read his description and his fathers achievements! He comes from a long line of Champions and health tested lines. Monty’s father was a Spanish Champion and the top winning dog in Spain in 2004! Ebony, I imported directly from Belgium. She was the sweetest retriever out of Champion/fully health tested lines! She lived until the rip old age of 15 years old but sadly passed away after her 15th birthday.
As you can see Binky has a very impressive background!

Binky Boo is a fun, energetic, brave and incredibly smart little girl. Binky grew up in a home environment with one of the kennel staff and imprint trainers. After only a few weeks of being with the trainer, Binky knew all her commands by verbal cue only and could do a down in motion, this is something most puppies and adult dogs cannot do. She is super smart and learns extremely quickly. She is a dog who wants to please her owner and will do that at any cost. I see almost no stubbornness in her personality. Binky loves to train and is very athletic, she is the kind of dog that would excel in agility. Binky is an extremely fast runner and fast swimmer. She can swim the length of the pool faster than any other dog we have in the kennel. She will continue to swim back and forth like it’s a game. Binky is athletic outside but when she is inside she is very quite and relaxed. She is the best of both worlds and I know she has the type of personality that almost ever family looks for in their new companion. She loves pack walks on the trails, playing with her friends in the yard and playing with toys. When she gets excited to do something she does an adorable little squeal, tail wagging a mile a minute like she really can’t contain her excitement. Binky would make a great family pet with kids of any age, because of her kind, sweet, loving but adventurous nature. She loves to be loved and is extremely affectionate to any person she meets. She loves to sit in your lap and be snuggled. I am confident Binky Boo will produce fun, intelligent and loving puppies that will fit into just about any family and I can’t wait to see what this girl produces!




70lbs. – 24.5″tall


Rue is an English Goldendoodle who was bred and raised at SwissRidge!
Her mother is Winter and her father is Hendrix.
Winter and Hendrix have been bred together numerous times as they are known for producing amazing puppies. Many of their pups are used in our “dogs for kids” charity program. We have trained 3 of their pups (Rosie, Asha and Polo) for service dogs. I recommend many of their pups to families who are in need of a service dog for their children and all of these pups have succeeded in this field of work.
Winter was imported from Germany and Hendrix came from the US. These two dogs are always paired together because they are known for producing healthy pups with amazing personalities.

Just like many of Rue’s bothers and sisters Rue has a service dog quality personality! She is sweet, loving and compassionate towards other dogs and people. She loves to lay her head on our lap which is always very comforting.  She doesn’t have the type of personality that is always on the go. She is happy just to lay with us until we get up. She has a gentle presence about her. She is quiet, never to rowdy, never barks, never jumps and has always been a very easy dog to train and teach right from wrong. She is an old soul in a young body! She is a people pleaser and is very happy to follow direction without much guidance. She is the type of dog that anyone could raise and own. She is happy to interact with all people whether she knows them or not. She is all tail wags when meeting new people!

The best words to describe her are are lovable, affectionate, easygoing and sweet.



25lbs. – 17″ tall

Maple is a Mini Goldendoodle out of Kyla and Sting. Kyla was the daughter of Clea, who was a retriever I had back when I first started breeding dogs two decades ago. Kyla’s father Monty was an English Retriever that I imported from Spain in 2007. He became a Canadian Champion before the age of 1 year. Maples lines have been in my kennel for almost 20 years. Maples father, Sting is currently still a breeding dog in my kennel at 12 years old. He has produced amazing, healthy, beautiful pups for over a decade!

When I look at Maple I have Deja vu because she reminds me of her grandmother Clea.  The best words to describe Maple are kind, sweet, loving and gentle. She has a very caring soul and loves to cuddle and give kisses. She will lay in your lap for hours enjoying being pet. She is a socialite amongst the dogs at the kennel and my employee’s. Everyone gets along with Maple and everyone loves being around her. She is a quite dog who I rarely hear bark. She is a dog that will stick close to us. On our trail walks she never ventures far and always has us in view. She has a personality that would make an amazing therapy dog and she is a dog that would fit well into any family as she has an easy going and versatile personality. Pictures are worth 1000 words and her pictures give a glimpse into her amazing spirit!  I love everything about Maples personality, and she gets an A++ in my books for temperament. Her irresistible looks are an added bonus 🙂

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