lbs. – ” tall

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lbs. – ” tall

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lbs. – ” tall

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94lbs. – 24″ tall


Korra is a fun spirited, loyal and go with the flow kind of girl. Korra is a kind of dog that would be willing to go on any adventure as long as she was with her people. No matter what you ask her to do she does it with ease, this could be joining a new play group or living arrangement, she handles change effortlessly. She is a dog who is always looking to please, as long as her people are happy with her she is happy and content. Korra is extremely loyal to her people. When cleaning up the play yards she can often be found following behind so closely that she steps on the back on your shoe. On pack walks she is the same way. At the start she loves to chase after the other dogs and run ahead but always makes sure to check in and walk right behind you with a big smile. Korra LOVES to be groomed, especially brushed. Any opportunity she is given she will run to the grooming room full speed and jump up onto the grooming table for love, snuggles and a brush. When she is brushed she sits and closes her eyes, she is so content sometimes we think she might fall asleep. When you stop brushing, she paws you asking for more. She is always willing to repay you with lots of kisses after and will happily return back home for a nap.

All in all she is a very easy going and sweet dog who adores all people including children!


Charm 85lbs. – 25″ tall

Charm was originally imported from Italy by one of my friends who breeds Bernese in the US. I then purchased her and she came to live with me at the age of 2 years.

Charm is the sweetest, most loyal, and gentle dog!
She will always be close to her human and loves to interact with people she knows in a very gentle and calm manner.
She is more on the submissive, docile, and reserved side.

She loves the comfort of her home. She loves forest walks but always looks forward to getting back to the kennels where she knows her friends are waiting. She is not the type of dog that loves the hustle and bustle of the city or busy environments. I think this is partly due to being raised in the country but also part of her personality.

She is not hyper, always on the go or always seeking attention and adventure. She is very happy to lay by my feet, relaxing very calmly as I scratch her ears or give her belly rubs.

Charm is not the most confident dog in the kennel. She needs to get to know someone before she interacts and becomes their best friend but give her the day and she will bond to new people and will never forget a face.

Charm is very smart and intuitive. She is very easy to handle and work with.

She never jumps up on us, never barks and is extremely well behaved. It’s like she just knows what we expect and how to be the perfect dog!

We put some of our younger pups in with Charm and she helps raise them as she is the perfect example of how we want our dogs to behave at the kennel and she teaches them well!

The best words to describe Charm are sweet, gentle, affectionate, calm, and submissive.

Vai lbs. – ” tall

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Nala 110 lbs. – 26″ tall


Nala is one of our largest Bernese, out sizing most at 110lbs. Nala has inherited the deep loyalty and devotion that the Bernese Mountain dog is known for. She is extremely gentle and warm-hearted towards her people and is a perfect companion, ready for any adventure no matter the task and happy to be with her pack. She is a very low maintenance dog and if not for her stunning looks and sheer size which gives her such a strong presence, you would hardly be able to tell she’s there. She undoubtedly loves the snow more than anything and would spend the entirety of the Winter outside if it was up to her. Although she carries a calmer and content disposition, she like any dog has her quirks and games that she loves and is always up for a round of fetch or chase and tackle with her friends and would continue until she is blue in the face, but on the average day she is happy to roll around and take in the fresh air. Nala is great with kids and is always a crowd favourite, often rolling over to expose her belly for rubs when people gather to pet her. She is a poised and confident dog, though she often does not seek people out and is not easily excitable by people like some. She would much rather bury her face in someone she trusts lap to show her fondness and can be somewhat heedful to those she does not know. She is extremely sociable with other animals, especially dogs and is always the first to initiate play, making sure everyone gets in on the fun. Nala’s perfect day is a snowy one with a walk on the trails with her favourite pals, a car ride to Tim Hortons to get her favourite Timbit and ends with a snuggle and a nice warm blanket and a bone.

Nala is extremely well mannered and docile for the most part, eager to please and easy to train. She can be somewhat of a troublemaker when she is bored or lacking attention and has stubborn tendencies which known to often come with the breed. She is very intelligent, with a deep love for food as well as praise and encouragement filled training sessions. She also knows how to self entertain and is good at being independent when necessary. Nala is the type of dog that can make fun with a leaf for as long as necessary if there if no one to fulfill her by engaging in her spurts of energy and desire to play. She is great to take out, with no reactive tendencies and is rather indifferent to things around her. She is a well-balanced dog and has a strong mind and a stronger heart and to call her an amazing dog would be an understatement.


Amore lbs. – ” tall

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Delilah lbs. – ” tall

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Navy lbs. – ” tall

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