Using the process of classical conditioning we will charge our markers in this segment. These are the core words we will be using to communicate with our dogs. It is important to note that if you are in the process of giving the dog the reward or the dog is already received it when you give the verbal mark, no classical conditioning will happen to your marker. The word must precede the action of handing the reward to your dog. The correct order of action is your Verbal mark first , slight pause ,delivery of reward. This ensures that there is strong association being formed by the dog between your marker and it’s prediction of imminent reward. Initially make sure not to make the pause after your mark too long or the dog will not associate the marker to the food. Do not ask your dog for commands during this segment ,we don’t want to associate the mark to a certain behaviour rather let the dog be neutral, it is ok if they choose to sit or lay down but to not prompt commands. Stand in front of your dog and wait until they are still , then begin charging your markers.