Borealis lbs. – ” tall

Suzie is an adorable SwissRidge doodle, bred and born at SwissRidge! Her parents are Willow and Levi. Her lines go back over 4 generation in my kennel and over 2 decades! We owned Willow’s mom Lazeeza and dad Henry. Lazeeza is a stunning chocolate goldendoodle and Henry is a handsome Tri coloured Berneoodle. We also owned Lazeeza’s parents who where Ginger and Dawson.

These where some of the first dogs that started SwissRidge. Dawson was my first ever poodle who produced some amazing, long lived puppies. Ginger is a legend! She was my soulmate. I will never forget the special connection we had. She was such an amazing soul. It is hard to describe but she just understood everything about me and we connected on such a high level. I see her special traits pass on through generation after generation and I based my SwissRidge lines around her lineage. Ginger lived until 17 years old and Dawson passed away at 14 years old so Suzie comes from long lived lineage. I’m very lucky that that I have known and had the chance to interact with 4 generation of Suzies lineage. I know they are all health tested and healthy, they have amazing temperaments and they are beautiful dogs!

The best words to describe Suzie are sweet, loving and affectionate. She is a very easy going dog who anyone would love to own. She loves to cuddle. She is the type of dog that has a presence that is so quiet you sometime forget she is there. She is so relaxed in the kennel and with the other dogs. She never barks or follows any bad influences of other dogs. For instance if one dog jumps she will not follow suit. She is her own independent dog. She has an old soul and her personality reminds me of a dog that is 7/8 years old. She is a patient dog nor is she seeking attention all the time. She enjoys affectionate and loves to snuggle but she doesn’t seek this out. If we are busy she will lay down and relax. She is an easy going dog but she loves going for walks with the other dogs and can keep up with everyone on our trail walks. Overall she is an amazing, sweet and loving dog just like her mother, grandmother and great grandmother! She has had a few litters who are super sweet and the owners of these pups adore!



12 lbs. – 14″ tall

Paddy is out of my own breeding between Levi and Kahlua. Both are incredible dogs that produce amazing puppies! Paddy shares some amazing traits from both her parents.

Paddy is an incredibly sweet and loving girl. She quickly acquired the name Princess Paddy. She carries herself upright and poised, with the most regal hop to her step. She is gorgeous and has beautiful Bambi eyes. She learned very quickly how she could make everyone fall in love with her. Regardless of the striking merle colours of her siblings, people always seem to be drawn towards her amazing personality, quickly scooping her up in their arms because she is so small and adorable. She has an irresistible vibe about her! She loves to be cuddled, loves to be held close and will turn her head towards your face to give you a quick kiss before settling into your lap.

Although being the smallest in her litter, this never stopped her. She runs and plays along with the other dogs not noticing how big they might be in comparison. As the other dogs are playing she will run into the group, let out a yip and a quick nibble at someone before running quickly away before they can catch her. This is her way to engage the other dogs to play chase with her. She is energetic outside and fun to be around, while also being a calm, easy going companion to lounge with.

Paddy has the perfect energy and is a nice mix between both her parents. I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing puppies she produces!

22 lbs. – 15″ tall

Merlot is a puppy I kept out of my own breeding between Kahula and Levi. Merlot has acquired some amazing qualities from both her parents. She is sweet, kind, gentle and affectionate with a soft personality like Kahlua. Her soft personality is sprinkled with an ounce of spunk that comes from Levi. She has the best of both worlds and her personality is very versatile. She is a dog that is happy to sleep on her dog bed all day or lay in our laps for belly rubs but when it’s play time she loves to run, play and roll in the grass.

On top of her amazing personality her coloring is so unique. We call her coloring “blue merle” and if you study her pictures closely you can see the blue tinge throughout her coat. She is drop dead gorgeous. Everything about this girl is very unique. She has a beautiful build and the cutest face.



Opal was imported from Europe at 3 months of age. She has developed into a beautiful, stocky, well built Bernese. I purchased Opal with her sister Onyx and a pup from another litter Octavia. I like to purchase a few pups from the same lines so I can evaluate the temperaments and genetics of the lines I’m breeding. Not only was I able to make sure that their vertical pedigree met my requirements by researching their parentage, but by purchasing siblings and similar lines I’m also able to see what their horizontal pedigree is like by evaluating and health testing the siblings and other lineage. I’m happy to announce that all three of these pups passed their health clearances, so not only does Opal have a solid vertical pedigree but also a solid horizontal pedigree.

Opals beauty is second to none. She has a very broad build and if you saw her walking down the street you would think she was a large, male, Bernese. Her legs are extremely thick, she has massive paws and she has a broad head. She has the most loving and gentle expression that you can’t help but fall in love with.

There is no doubt that Opal is beautiful but her temperament is outstanding. Opal is a very special dog because she is very easy to connect with. She is a dog that has human like qualities and seems to understand what you are saying to her. If you are having a bad day everyone knows to get their cuddles from Opal. She is sure to cheer you up! I wouldn’t think twice about her making someone a great service dog when she retires. She has a gentle, kind, social and loving demeanor. She is affectionate, amusing and entertaining. When you cuddle with her it is like cuddling with a big teddy bear! She is confident and will go up to anyone with a wagging tail looking for a treat or a pet. She loves her toy’s and loves to fetch them……. she doesn’t always bring them back though. She has captured everyone’s heart that has met her. My only complaint is she thinks she’s a lap dog and at 109lbs she starts to cut off blood circulation to the legs after about 20 mins!

Opal has tons of character. She is goofy and pulls the silliest expressions when you talk to her. Her classic expression is the head tilt with one side of her lip lifted up over her tooth. She loves rolling on her back with her legs wide open to get lots of belly rubs. She loves to receive affection but she also loves giving affection with lots of hugs, snuggles and a few kisses. She is the sweetest girl.

Opal has passed all her health clearances and she has entered our breeding program on a trial basis while we are evaluating puppies from her first few litters. I expect nothing but perfection from her pups if they are anything like Opal!





85lbs – 22″ tall

Isabella is a sweet, loving, social girl. She came to SwissRidge when she was just over a year old. She has become best friends with all the dogs at the kennel and adores all her caregivers. She has a spice for life. She lights up every room she enters and is always up for chasing a ball, playing with her friends in the snow or going for a long hike. During down time she loves to sleep on her back, upside down with her legs sprawled out. This girl knows how to get comfy. She has more of the American style build vs. the European build (which most of the bernese at SwissRidge are). She is lighter/shorter then my other girls and has a smaller frame.
She has produced a few litters of stunning puppies. From what I have seen so far I’m very happy with what she has produced in terms of look/temperament of her puppies!

87lbs – 22″ tall

Sophia is such a sweet girl. She is smaller than most of the Bernese in the kennel as she has the American build and not the European build. 95% of the Bernese in the kennel are from Europe and have the European build. Sophia’s pups may be a bit smaller in stature than some of the pups from our other dogs.

I purchased Sophia as a 1 year old with her friend Isabella. Both pups came from the same kennel. Sophia is the more reserved one of the two and always lets Isabella take the lead. They are best friends and are always stuck to each others side. If we try to take Sophia for a walk she will run back to wait for Isabella. They have a very strong connection since they have been together since they were pups. Sophia has a very loyal and affectionate personality. She is calm and loves chilling around the kennel. She doesn’t bark or jump or make a fuss over anything. She is a very easy and loving pup. She would fit very well into any type of family. She has produced a few amazing litters and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of her pups!

Summer 75 lbs. – 19.5″ tall

Summer, along with her sister Winter, is an English golden retriever who we imported from Germany from a breeder I know quite well. She comes from very long lines of health-tested dogs and her pedigree is packed with champions. I have acquired many English retrievers from this breeder over the years, and I’m never disappointed. These are top-quality dogs and Summer exceeds every one of my expectations.

Summer is always the life of the party! Because she is the leader of the pack, she likes to ensure that everyone is having fun. Highly opinionated about everything, she likes to make sure you’re aware of how she feels. For example, at bath time she will lie like a pancake on the floor and not move a muscle, but let her out to romp poolside and she’ll be the first to jump in! She really lives up to her name – she loves everything about summer, including swimming. She will retrieve anything you throw and likes to play with rocks, sticks, toys, and other dogs.

She is exuberant and filled with so much love, and she makes everyone laugh around her. She is really your typical retriever who loves everyone and loves to get all that affection back as you snuggle and pet her.

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