Ophelia 85 lbs. – 26″ tall

Ophelia is a beautiful Bernese Mountain dog who I imported from Europe.
She has a slightly smaller build then some of my other European Bernese but she is just as stunning. Her pedigree is outstanding. It is full of Good/Excellent hip ratings. Ophelia’s breeder is just as picky as myself when it comes to breeding high quality dogs. He does the same amount of testing as I do on the Bernese.
Ophelia’s parents have all been testing for hips, elbows, eyes, shoulders, heart, Vwd and DM. This is a great feeling to know that the puppies that Ophelia produces have ancestors tested many generations back and for a number of health ailments that the breed is prone to.

Ophelia also comes from a long line of Champions in her pedigree and some very well-known bloodlines. She has both health and beauty in her pedigree. Ophelia’s mother turned 11 years old this year (2020) which is a good age for a Bernese so you know she has longevity in her pedigree as well! I also own Ophelia’s full brother Odin and a few of her other brother went to breeders in America. I keep in touch with these breeders and all her brothers have passed their health clearances. This proves she comes from healthy lines in both her horizontal and vertical pedigree. It is a great feeling to know that her siblings have passed their clearances!

Ophelia has the sweetest personality! She is the type of dog that loves to be loved but she is not to much dog. She doesn’t seem pushy and she doesn’t have that stubborn nature that I see in some Bernese. She listens, she is polite and most of all she is gentle. She knows she is a big dog and will not try to get on your lap. She respects space. She will lean up against us for a pet but will not try to jump in our lap. She has a gentle, sweet and loving nature. She gets along with all the dog in the kennel. She does well with more outgoing dogs and will match their play style but if she is with a calmer/older dog that doesn’t want to play she will just lay beside them and relax. She will not egg them on.

Ophelia is the type of dog that likes to be active but doesn’t need to go for a run everyday. She will go for trail walks, but she doesn’t have a ton of energy.  She would be happy laying by her owner’s feet being pet all day. She is an easy dog and has an amazing personality.




89lbs. – 25″ tall


Onyx is the kennel tomboy of all the female dogs. She is fun, athletic and isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. On walks she likes to make sure she gets all 4 feet in every puddle or muddy area. Onyx was imported from Hungary alongside her sister Opal and friend from another litter, Octavia. These three girls have proven themselves to be not only beautiful and stocky but have great temperaments too. Onyx can be a little bit shy of new people at first, but quickly warms up and is extremely loyal to her people. When out for pack walks with the other dogs at SwissRidge she prefers to stay close to her people, sometimes even walking right beside you so you can rest your hand on her head or pet her while she walks. She is the type off dog what puts her full trust in her humans and rely’s on them for comfort. Once she trust you she will be your best friend forever! She is a very affectionate girl and is always the first to greet us. She loves to be loved, she loves to give you big bear hugs but also knows when to be calm and gentle and could sit and be pet or brushed for hours. She is not a overly pushy dog. She is calm, gentle and always waits her turn. Onyx is a very goofy girl, she likes to make you laugh. When she goes out into the yard for play time the first thing she does is run and grab the big jolly ball and carries it around in her mouth while she does her business so that no one else can take the toy she wants. While the other girls in her play group are wrestling and running around, Onyx can often be found running around behind them with her ball in her mouth. Onyx is very athletic and enjoys hiking and playing fetch and is up for any adventure except swimming (not many Bernese enjoy swimming). Onyx hates the water. As much as we have tried to get her to enjoy swimming she would just rather watch everyone else having fun in the water.  Onyx is a very sweet girl and I can’t wait to see the puppies she produces!


95lbs. – 25″tall

Octavia was imported from Europe at 3 months of age. She has developed into a beautiful, stocky, well built Bernese. I purchased Octavia and two other dogs from the same kennel, at the same time, Onyx and Opal.  I like to purchase a few pups from the same lineage so I can evaluate the temperaments and genetics of the lines I’m breeding. Not only was I able to make sure that their vertical pedigree met my requirements by researching parentage, but by purchasing siblings I’m also able to see what their horizontal pedigree is like by evaluating and health testing the siblings in the litter. Since I own 3 siblings in this litter it made this process easy. I’m happy to announce that all 3 of these dogs passed all their health clearances.

Not only does Octavia have a long history of health tested lineage she is also a stunning bernese with a stocky build. She has an amazing personality. She is easy going, friendly with all dogs and people, smart, attentive and willing to work for treats. She is a people pleaser. A lot of bernese can have stubborn streak but I do not see this in her lineage. She is very friendly, loves everyone and will do anything for a treat. I know we aren’t suppose to have favourites but Octavia and my personalities are in sync and we vibe very well. She is everything I love to see in the Bernese I carefully select for my breeding program.

Octavia has recently passed her health clearances and will be joining the SwissRidge program on a trial basis as I evaluate the puppies she produces.

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